Happiness in a Snack with Snackeroo's Bits 'n Chips

There are many reasons to feel down, lonely and depressed, BUT there are also plenty of reasons to be happy. We will be sad and heartbroken or we will experience setbacks and struggles but overcoming them is what makes us both human and happy. So, we just have to choose happiness.

Happy people live longer and tend to avoid getting sick too. And since it's the holidays, we have another reason to be happy, right?

That's why I'm glad that Christmas mini snacking sessions have begun, and everything is going according to plan! 🎄🎅

Got some treats today from Santa and I've gathered my favorite helpers because we will be packing and delivering these to their classmates and friends. But first, we munched on some of our favorite Bits 'n Chips from Snackeroo! It comes in two flavors: Barbeque and Cheese! Might get real messy, but the memories are worth it. 😍 Yuan is always at my hip asking what he can do to help. Lalo na on the "eating" part! LOL

Last night, he was dancing and waving his pack of Bits 'n Chips in the air. Later he told his dad: “I'm happy! Let's dance!”

As a parent, this is all I want for my children. Happiness, dancing to funky Christmas music, and snacking.

Also, our children often come back home from school feeling a bit low of energy. They are hungry but refuse to sit down and have a proper meal. This snack is the perfect solution for these "hangry" situations. It's a healthy snack (baked, not fried!) and super handy too. They can eat it in the car, bus or while walking back from school.

Annnnd it's not just for kids, because it's for kids-at-heart too! I just love when I randomly remember that I have my fave cheese flavored biscuits in my bag. It's another level of happiness! Yep. I know it's mababaw but that's my happiness all wrapped up in a cute lil snack called Bits 'n Chips.

That's why I'm telling you, mommies, that the key to happiness in this busy month of Dizzy-ember is to keep a pack of  Snackeroo's Bits 'n Chips in your bag at all times. You will always be pleasantly surprised when you find it.

But my favorite thing in the whole world is when me & my hubby grab a late night snack aka Bits 'n Chips, then laugh uncontrollably over nothing but the fact of how fat we are becoming. LOL Or when we finish a whole pack and laugh so hard then look at each other because no one has made us laugh that hard before. Baliw lang? haha Pure happiness is the best.

Oh well, if you really want to be happy, just choose to be happy and remember to take in the small moments. Try not to focus too much on how you look but instead on what you feel. Most times it’s overwhelming love and happiness.

Then, share the happiness! Bring on the positive vibes, happiness, warmth, and sunshine!

If you have little kiddies at home, why not give them healthy snacks from the Snackeroo and teach them to share it with their friends and classmates. It's the perfect snack to share with anyone, anytime.

Oh, and don't you know that happiness is just a Bits 'n Chips pack away?? 😍

So go grab a pack or two and enjoy some yummy snacks from Snackeroo! Available online and in supermarkets near you!

ONLINE STORE: https://shopee.ph/ritzfood
WALTERMART - All supermarket branches
Selected PUREGOLD branches in Luzon
ALL DAY supermarket - All branches.

PS. Since it’s the season of giving, here's a question I've been meaning to ask...

Who wants a Snackeroo Christmas Giveaway?? 😋😍

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  1. Masarap nga yung Snackeroo, pero yung products ng Ritz na Rich Garden like yung banana biscuits na may filling, hindi gaano.


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