Congresswoman Rida Robes | Working Congresswoman of the Rising City of San Jose del Monte

As a mom, I celebrate all the well-deserved “hurrahs” for every milestone or victory (small or huge!) and one of them is my breastfeeding journey. After all the effort, heartache and pain that comes with breastfeeding, I can say that it was a successful one, and just by looking at my greatest blessings (my kids) reminds me why the journey is all worth it. So if you're a nursing mom, just enjoy your breastfeeding journey and while you're at it, make sure to cherish every moment and cuddle your little one for as long as you want because it is true... time truly flies.

I remember how I cried buckets of tears, from the moment I started squeezing the colostrum out in frustration to the time I felt a bit relieved knowing that my nipples do actually have holes in them but was not sure if Yuan was getting any milk. I swear I saw Yuan rolled his big, brown eyes, as if he's saying, finallyyyy! Seriously, it's amazing that I can be that exhausted and that happy at the same time.

It has been established that breast milk gives an infant unimaginable benefits such as protection from virus, allergies and sudden infant deaths, and yet there are still many who lack access to it. Also, thousands of babies are born prematurely and some of them can face significant health challenges. These challenges can be reduced if they receive breast milk early on, but sometimes moms can struggle to produce enough milk. That being said, a milk bank would surely be a huge relief for mothers and premature babies in need.

I believe it's high time we support strong, unrelenting leaders with effective leadership and unrelenting political will, who are uncompromising in their support for maternal and pediatric care.  If we don’t, we may wake up one day in a country where there are no hospitals or clinics providing comprehensive health care for our succeeding generations.

Seriously, we need better leaders now more than ever.

Speaking of which, I'm glad  I met Congresswoman Florida “Rida” Robes, the duly elected legislator of San Jose Del Monte City in the House of Representatives and the wife of SJDM’s Mayor Arthur Robes, who's making women's empowerment and health care her driving passion.

Mommy Bloggers with Congresswoman Florida “Rida” Robes of SJDM, Bulacan 
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A short meet-up with  Ate Cong, as fondly called by her constituents, was as relaxed as any girl-time could be. She's the coolest, most down to earth Congresswoman and she has a real personality.  I love how she pushes a message of public service with a touch of TLC for the people of San Jose Del Monte City. You can tell she is super serious because by the 30-minute mark, you can still see her passion to help and to serve the people with all her heart.

Seriously, momsh! What a time to be alive! She is what I've been waiting for.. someone who can make a difference and I do believe her legacy will be a good one. Oh, and she looks gorge!

She talked about why she believes so strongly in giving a spotlight to mental health, maternal and pediatric care, while also highlighting some plans to construct a hospital and milk bank in the City of San Jose Del Monte. This is to ensure the most fragile babies are provided with life-saving donor human milk regardless of insurance coverage or a family’s ability to pay.

Talk about passion and dedication.

And she ain't called "Working Congresswoman" for nothing. Here are some of the projects and initiatives that she's working on for her constituents in San Jose Del Monte City.

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  • The country’s first LGU-operated veterinary hospital that helps SJDM residents in taking care of their pets.
  • The establishment of the City College of San Jose Del Monte  to provide affordable but quality tertiary education to San Joseños. The City College will directly benefit the 9,853 current enrollees under the K-to-12 Program and the estimated 11,077 out-of-school youth aged 15-24 in the city.

  • Maternal and Pediatric Care - To improve health services for San Joseños, they will soon construct a 100-bed capacity hospital (St. Bernadette Children and Maternity Hospital) in the city. The hospital is expected to be completed in 2020 or 2021, and it's going to be a replica of the milk bank from Notre-Dame in France. The health of mothers is one of her primary concerns that is why she prioritizes construction of  this hospital as well as the human milk bank, so that premature babies could benefit from all the good stuff! 
  • The country’s first LGBT school is also one of her proposed projects.
  • One of her initiatives is to implement the easing of licensing requirements for guidance counselors who act as the students' co-parents. She discovered the alarming rise in suicides among young people, that's why she proposed House Bill 3433 to build a mental health center to cater to the psychiatric needs of the residents.
Yay! That's a lot right?! The future is looking bright for the beautiful San Joseños. Thanks to the power couple aka The Father and the Mother of the Rising City, Mr & Mrs. Robes, for making the City of San Jose del Monte Bulacan a better place for everyone.

Find out more about Congresswoman Florida Rida “Ate Cong” Robes on her Facebook page: Congw Rida Robes 

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