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I think I will never master the art of taking selfies! Ang hirap umanggulo besh! Out of 100 photos, 1 or 2 lang ang maayos hahaha But on a serious note, nothing feels more awful than the mom guilt. When I'm at work or when I do take some time out for myself, I keep on thinking about my kids. Sure, they're with my husband and I know they're in good hands, but I'm still worried and I feel like I need to be there for them all the time. Yung ibang tao kasi pag makita ka nag-selfie, nag-makeup, or lumabas with friends, inassume na agad na pinapabayaan yung kids. Kaloka!

When you look losyang naman, may hanash pa din. lol Losyang or not, some people will always have something to say about you so just be the person you want to be for your kids and I'm sure they will feel that unconditional love that you have for them. When someone asks you bakit ganito or ganyan, deadma lang! You don’t owe anyone an explanation. Motherhood is hard enough. Don’t try and be the person or mom you think everyone wants you to be, just do you!

The pressure of being a good mom is just too much that we had to put our needs aside. And honestly, that doesn’t feel okay... :( So to mommas who are dealing with mom guilt, I feel you.. and I think we can help remind each other that we are doing the best we can. It’s okay to enjoy your time with your kids and guess what?! It’s okay to enjoy your time away from them too. It’s called balance!

Kaya naman... after a long tiring week, I’m taking the next few days to remind myself, it’s okay if the house is messy, or Yuan watches too many episodes of Storybots. That it's impossible to do it all or to be at 2 places at once. Because MOMS are not Handyman! We can't do it all. No one can. I know that taking time to recharge my batteries, makes me a better mom and wife and is necessary for my health and sanity.

So cheers! To taking some time for myself next week and enjoying another chill-out night up at The Penthouse 8747 with some amazing women aka Titas of Manila. Nothing says "chill-out" nights quite like lounging up at the Pent, sipping some sparkly thirst quencher, The Penthouse’ famous Jellous Lover.

I'm so glad to be one of the first to try and taste the latest dishes at The Penthouse 8747. It's a super posh roofdeck lounge in Makati that is hailed as one of the best bars and lounges in the Philippines by the Philippine Tatler. So don’t be surprised if your favorite actor is enjoying a bottle of Mo√ęt & Chandon next to you.

Here are some of the dishes that we tried:

The Penthouse’s menu is exceptional, with a wide selection of fine food and liquor as well. They have delicate dishes and scrumptious platters which I really loved! The portions are quite generous and tastes good compared to the food served as bar chows in other restaurants. The flavorful Crispy Stuffed Chicken Wings with the sauces, buffalo sauce or Garlic aioli sauce, were delicious!

I love their Salmon Burger, Penthouse Crab cakes, and pasta. Can't remember the exact name of the dish though, but I do remember the taste! The sauce was rich, and the shrimp is succulent and does not overpower the sauce. Delectable.

 I also love the Gatsby-inspired art deco interiors with black walls accented with golden geometric metal frames. Even the tables and chairs have golden accent.

The bartenders are truly masters of their craft, so get something new and intriguing. You’ll be glad you did. :) Tried the Penthouse’ famous Jellous Lover, a mix of champagne and sparkling wine with the wine-infused jelly at the bottom, and it goes well with the dishes that we had.

The best part? The view. Super enjoyed the dinner and refreshing night breeze through the al fresco spot with a perfect panoramic view of the Makati skyline. Meeting all the lovely people hanging out in the lounge hasn't been so bad either.

Overall, the Penthouse 8747 is an ideal spot for anyone who likes to mingle and enjoy a cocktail, or a group’s night out. Good food, exceptional service, amazing view of the majestic Makati skyscrapers, and reasonable prices. Definitely a place to keep coming back to!

So if you’ve ever felt the urge to chill with your bae or friends for some good music, good food, and a REAL good glass of wine then swing by and enjoy!

The Penthouse 8747 is just across the Ayala Triangle Gardens, on top of BA Lepanto Building in Salcedo Village, Makati. Open on Mondays-Thursdays (4PM – 1AM) and Fridays-Saturdays (4PM – 2AM).  Also, private functions for your company or events can be held at the Penthouse. For inquiries and reservations, call 09178010655 or like The Penthouse 8747 on Facebook;

Happy weekend, everyone!

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