Mommy Mundo World 3 | Truly the Biggest Mom Resource Event for 2019

There are few things that mommyhood gave me which I am immensely grateful for... Very few people (gorgeous mommies) I've come across over the past few years whose personality I genuinely admire and look up to, and Mommy Janice of Mommy Mundo is one of them. I discovered Mommy Mundo when my daughter Maia was around 1 year old. I’d always go to their bazaars to shop for all the stuff I want for my kids and I'd always look forward to Mommy Mundo events.

That's why I was so happy to be invited to the Mommy Mundo World 3 Launch last August 3 at The Fifth at Rockwell, and as usual, I'm amazed at how they can gather all the great deals on mom and baby products under one roof. It's truly the biggest mom resource event and certainly the place to be for expectant parents and young moms and dads looking for the right information and support to guide them through intentional parenthood.

There were lovely booths and special amenities, put side by side with parenting support groups and advocates as well as resources for pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, early education, and more. I gained so much learnings from fellow mompreneurs who gave relevant talks at the Mommy Mundo World.

The place was jam-packed with the best mom and baby finds and family essentials, and parent-focused enterprises, especially homegrown mompreneurships. Among the many family-friendly and thoughtful amenities found in Mommy Mundo World, was a Mom Lounge exclusive to passport holders, Kids’ Play Area, Dad Lounge, & Quiet Room for Babies by Incy Rooms with soft music, pillows and throw blankets.

Glad I was able to witness the opening of Dove's #RealMoms Photo Exhibit and super happy to see that our photo from the Baby Dove photo shoot was one of the photos hanging on the wall. Yay!

Being a mom to Yuan is sometimes the most difficult, yet most rewarding, unpaid job I've ever had. I will always be thankful for this little guy who gave me that title.

As he grows older, I learn and grow in ways I can't imagine. One of the things I've learned is that being a real mom does not mean perfection. Some days he gets to have banana and peanut butter for breakfast because it's all he'll eat, and some nights we go to bed without his teeth brushed. Some would call it messy, chaotic, or exhausting, but I call it motherhood. It's not always easy but I try not to worry or stress too much, because I know that I'm giving my baby the best care in my own little way.

Because after all, there are no perfect moms, just real ones. 💙

With Mommy Janelle and Mommy Janice Villanueva, CEO and Founder, Mommy Mundo

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  1. Super nakaka Happy talaga every time na umaattend ako nang mommy Mundo. Kaya always ako present kapag Hindi naman ganun kalayo.😊


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