5 Tips to Level Up the Bonding Experience With Your Growing Kids

How many times have you said, "Time flies."

Oh yes, it does. You wake up one day and your kids are grown. Grabe! Ang bilis nila lumaki, especially my 11-year-old daughter, Maia. That's why I'm trying to make each and every day count so that when I blink, I won't regret a single moment that has passed.

Yun lang. As kids approach the teen years and become more independent, staying connected may become a challenge for parents. Quality time gets harder as they start spending time online, or with their friends. Their tastes start changing and ayaw na ng pang "kiddie" because they're big na daw.

However, I believe staying connected with preteens is as important as ever, and growing up doesn’t mean growing apart! So I'm sharing a few tips on how to level up the bonding experience with your kids.

1. Set limits on screen time and use of mobile phones

While it's a helpful way for growing kids to stay connected with their friends, excessive use can lead to challenges. Also, it reduces the quality and frequency of family time. However, too much parental control and manipulation can lead to unhealthy relationships down the line. So, before you set limits for them, practice what you preach and make sure that you model healthy use of mobile phones. 

2. Make "kwentuhan" casually like friends

It can be awkward at times, especially when you're talking to your kids about the changes they experience in school, crushes, etc., but small conversations can reinforce connection. Make room in your busy schedule and spend a little more chit-chat time with them to show that you care. Also, listening to what he or she is saying gives you a better sense of the guidance and support needed.

3. Share an activity that you both love to do together

Social media has flipped the minds of kids, and for those parents who value creating memories more than curating an enviable and perfectly-curated life on Instagram, it’s a fine time to have FUN with the kids. After all, it’s hard to be bored or unhappy when you’re constantly on the lookout for interesting things to do with your kids. Finding ways to enjoy each other's company helps build closeness and connection. That way, they will know that you are interested in their hobbies and interests. Shopping, swimming, baking cookies, watching a favorite TV show, and going to concerts are just a few of many opportunities to enjoy each other's company. Even if you don’t particularly enjoy the music, or their taste in food, it still gives you something to talk about.

4. Hug your kids and ask them how their day was, every single day.

Hugs, kisses, and saying I love you are some of the easiest ways to stay connected. Also, it doesn't hurt to ask them how their day in school went so they will know that you are interested in their day to day experience, and not just with their grades and homework. Also, it’s important that they feel zero pressure to make anything brilliant or perfect, which gives them more freedom, and  in turn makes each day a potentially fun day instead of one filled with dread.

5. Level up their snack time by preparing a special meal

Maia used to like hotdogs but I guess she got tired of the usual "kiddie hotdog" taste. So I let her try the new Swift Mighty Meaty Chicken Cheese Franks, and she really loved it. 

She asked her little brother Yuan and guess what? My toddler who can't be tamed and usually says NO to hotdogs, took another jumbo bite, and said Yes!

Mas exciting if there's something new to try, so try it na! Promise! Masarap talaga! Now available in major supermarkets in Luzon except SM Supermarket and Puregold Extra and Jr.

So there you go...

Hope these tips help, but here's what I really want to tell you, mommies.

This is MOM LIFE and things just get crazier each day. It will never be perfect. There will be squeals, spills, poop (LOTS of it!) and the laundry will never end. The challenges seem to expand out endlessly into oblivion but somehow, there’s plenty you can do to build a healthy and trusting relationship with your kids. Don't waste every opportunity, even if you are super busy, to sit down together and eat your favorite snack with your kids because a shared meal provides valuable together time.

Finally, remember that supporting and loving your kids unconditionally no matter the mistakes they make is your number one goal as a parent. So keep your eyes and arms wide open! Because anything  you discover or see in your kids, or whatever, it can inspire you.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your tips to us. You really make it a point to spend more time with them, seeing that as much as possible sinasama mo sila sa events mo na mag eenjoy dn sila. Anyways, my kids loves hotdog ewan ko di sila nanawa. We just change it every now and then from the original to cheesedog. This variant would be a nice one to try for their baon or breakfast.


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