Dove Nourishing Secrets | Discover Your Newest Self-Care Secret

Finally ditched the ever-consuming mom guilt and carved out some much needed "ME time" at the Unilever Beauty That Cares Summit at Anya Resort in Tagaytay. So happy I was able to spend a fun and relaxing day with real women who are passionate dreamers, innovators, creatives, and beauty experts. It's crucial that we make time for that cup of soothing tea and relaxing hot bath (or whatever it is that relaxes and rejuvenates us) and luckily, there are products that can help!

Recently, I discovered my newest self-care must haves, the new Dove Nourishing Secrets. It's the latest product line that combines the best of nature and Dove’s nourishing care, which is why I'm so excited to add it to my own beauty and self-care rituals.

So here's a solid proof that you can enjoy ME time without feeling guilty. The picture says it all. 😆

Enjoying a long hot shower is one of my favorite things to do, and I'm loving the NEW Dove Nourishing Secrets range, inspired by natural ingredients (cone flower, lavender and pink lotus) with Dove's nourishing care for hair, skin, and underarms. Some people would tell me I have smooth skin, even though I'm approaching 40.

No, that's not Photoshop or makeup.. it's a really kickass skincare routine. And yes, I care more about skincare than makeup.

Tbh, mom guilt is real. I'm sure a lot of us, moms, feel GUILTY for taking time to ourselves. We feel like there is something wrong with doing that and the guilt is always there. :( BUT Self-Care is super important, even if it means doing it away from your husband or kids.

When I started taking some ME time, I started feeling better on the inside and outside. It makes me a better person and more importantly, a better mom. I'm less impatient (Yasss! 😳 I'm not perfect, mumsh! Nakakaubos din talaga ng pasensya) and I'm proud to say that I'm doing a much better job with this. The key is to focus, not only on the kids, but on myself as well.

That being said, I'm so glad I discovered Dove's new naturals range, Dove Nourishing Secrets, with 2 key variants, lavender and pink line. I got to try the lavender line with the following products;

1. Thickening Ritual Shampoo and Conditioner

Formulated with lavender and rosemary extracts, it is best for naturally strong-growing hair and for nourishing and volumizing the hair.

2. Dove Relaxing Ritual Body Wash 

For naturally soft and smooth skin, the Relaxing Ritual contains Lavender oil, gives calming and relaxing effect. It also contains 1/4 moisturizing cream for soft and smooth skin.

3. Calm & Soothe Deodorant

For naturally healthy and beautiful underarms, this product combines the soothing blend of lavender, rose, and 1/4 moisturizing cream that calms irritable underarm skin and restores underarm skin's healthy glow and tone, while giving 48-hour protection. It comes in aerosol and roll-on form.

4. Relaxing Lavender Beauty Bar

Formulated with  Lavender, chamomile, and 1/4 moisturizing cream, it soothes skin while making it soft and smooth.

So mumsh, let go of the guilt. It's okay to put yourself first. We take care of everything and everyone. Now it's time to take care of ourselves!

Try the new Dove Nourishing Secrets range. These products are available in all leading supermarkets, department stores, and drugstores nationwide, so be sure to pick up a few. You can also buy online via Lazada, Shopee, and Watsons. For more DOVE updates, visit and like their Facebook Page, or look for  #DoveNourishingSecrets and #DovePH on social media.

Have you tried these products already? Did you love it? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Wow Dove relaxing lavender my new fave nanamn ako 😍👍

  2. Lavender for sure mabango yan, tamang tama for ME TIME ☺️ Ang lakas makarelax ang mababango tulad ng lavender.


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