I Wore the NEW Avon Fashions Body Illusion Underwear for 3 Days To Check If It Really #FeelsLikeFreedom

I’m not going to lie. I suuuper hate the feeling of wearing a bra. My daily routine includes removing my bra and putting it under my pillow before I go to sleep.

When I started my search for a well-fitting bra, I knew I had to be picky. I want a bra that feels like a second skin, not one I can’t wait to take off at the end of the day.  I don't want to sacrifice my productivity because believe me, it’s so hard to accomplish things when you’re busy dealing with uncomfortable undies! I want an underwear that I really want to wear, and I feel comfortable in.

All of these requirements led me to one brand: Avon Fashions! Recently, I discovered the newest innerwear line called Body Illusion, powered by Invisilite Technology which offers the lightest and most flexible fit from Avon Fashions intimate apparel.

The new Avon Fashions Body Illusion has two seamless, comfortable options: CHARLENE Underwire Seamless Bra and Panty and SONIA Non-Wire Seamless Pull-on Bra and Panty.  From modest 32A to bigger sizes such as 36C, 38B, and 40B, the sizes are really generous that are designed for women of all shapes and sizes.

Invisilite or not, I had to give them a shot. With a burning desire to feel comfy af 24/7,  I was prepared to take on a mission. My mission was to wear the Avon Body Illusion bra for 3 days to see if it really feels like air.


Being a busy mom of 2, I barely have any time to get ready in the morning. Thanks to this seamless bra, I have one less decision to make. It makes me feel comfortable whether I'm working at home, chasing a toddler, or getting ready to go out with my hubby.

It has the softest fabric ever (ultra soft nylon and spandex) with lightweight foam cups that create a natural lift, and it genuinely feels like I'm wearing nothing at all! Seriously, this might trick you into thinking you forgot to wear underwear to work. Plus, it won't slow you down especially during the busiest time of the day!

I spent a whole day living and loving these insanely comfortable pieces. Avon's a genius and its cutting-edge Invisilite fabric technology that gives seamless, lightweight, comfortable support, is REAL!

The first thing I noticed about the bra was the material. It felt nice and smooth, plus it can stretch up to twice its original size. Unlike other bras with straps that slide off during the day, it stayed put and was very easy to put on and take off. I really love the foam cups (super soft, comfortable and breathable, making them ideal for daily wear) which provides support that won’t get in the way of whatever you do.
The minute I put it on, I instantly felt sexy. I love the “sexy” naked (tuscany) color that's just stunning to wear.

I felt comfortable and at peace.

I felt confident and ready to conquer the world.

I felt exactly as I’d like to feel that night.

A - Alluring
V - Vixen with my Charlene bra
O - On all
N - Night long! *Cue music by Lionel Richie ALL. NIGHT. LONG. (all night) All night (all night)

Day 2

The next day, I went to the gym. It was the perfect opportunity to put my new bra to the test. Not because I missed doing burpees, squats, and lunges but because this is exactly the type of situation that would make me feel uncomfortable. I wore the Charlene bra under a charcoal black top with black leggings, and I genuinely felt like I was wearing nothing at all. It's just amazing how the laser-cut edges left no marks or visible lines even under my tightest and slimmest leggings. It felt so good to have underwear that fits great, comfortable, and gives me the freedom of movement.

I really love the Charlene bra which is why I have ordered the wire-free version, SONIA Seamless Pull-on Bra and Panty, which offers even more flexibility with its pull-on form factor, complete with ultra soft fabric and moulded cups. Zero hooks ensure seamless back and sides, and comfortable support even without the wires. Sizes range from S to XL.

On the third day, I was able to enjoy my newfound confidence. I wore the bra under a white pantsuit and I felt more sure of myself as I walked into a room of beautiful women at the Unilever Beauty and Personal Care Summit. The flawless fit gave me the confidence boost I needed. Somehow, I felt like my underwear had earned me the right to do what I've always wanted to do, which is write about body positivity and self-care.

In the past, I was afraid to show my body and felt that no one should see the unwanted bulges in my tummy and that I would just hide it for the rest of my life. And as if bulges weren’t enough, love handles and my not-so-little leftover pooch or "bilbil" made a special appearance in my late 30s. Thanks to genetics and three pregnancies!

BUT here I am happy, confident, and not worried about what other people think about my body. Learning to love and fully embrace my changing body has taken me almost 38 years to get to this point, and honestly, I think social media has to widen our society's narrow view on who's beautiful.

I can now post this photo, without hesitation and fear, and say that that no matter what shape, color, age, or size, you are beautiful. Women should always feel and be proud of their bodies. And because of Avon Body Illusion seamless underwear, I don't feel like I have to wear over-sized granny panties ever again because my size dictates it.

Oh, and this is what I really think is interesting or beautiful, and one of the reasons why I love Avon Fashions. Their undies send a message. It is not just a piece of clothing. There is meaning there, and it means creating the path to freedom and supporting all the women to go out there and realize their full potential.

And as a woman, I would like some freedom, or be able to do what I want and be respected by all I come in contact with. Thanks to this underwear that supports without getting in the way, so I can conquer any role and get back to doing what I'm best at. I love the powerful boost of confidence I get by wearing this bra even though no one could really tell. It was like I had a secret superpower. This must be how Gal Gadot feels when she puts on the Wonder Woman costume, I think. :)

I know I cannot be a real superhero, but I do feel like one when I'm wearing this bra. In the meantime, get inspired by watching this video and check out these undies in action!

I've stocked up on a lot of Avon undies, and there isn't a pair I haven't loved! But if there's one thing that makes me an utter loyalist and forever fan, this collection is my favorite! After just a few times wearing it, I can full-heartedly agree that the NEW Avon Fashions Body Illusion really provides the ultimate comfort and support that #FeelsLikeFreedom! Plus, it is super affordable (Bra-P899 and Panty-P299) and looks way more expensive than it actually is. IMO, their undies are worth it because it gives women that unshakable confidence.

Not the kind of confidence that comes from what you see in the mirror, but by how you feel.

That's why I'm sharing this because that’s how I want you to feel in your underwear too.

That feeling of "freedom".

I don’t want you putting up with something because you have to, or wearing something uncomfortable. Trust me, these are the best and comfiest ones. And I'm so sorry, mumsh, because I might just be one of the insane characters in Bird Box urging you to open your eyes so you can see and feel it for yourself!

To order, please don't send me a message. Just contact your Avon Representative but if you don’t have one, visit www.avon.ph. Check out Avon Philippines on Facebook to find out how you can shop your favorite Avon products! Avon Fashions Body Illusion is also available through Zalora.

As for how much I liked wearing my new Avon Fashions Body Illusion underwear? I'm finished with my mission of wearing it for 3 days, BUT I'm still wearing them right now. I love it (maybe a little bit too much) because I normally take my bra off as soon as I step into the house but with this bra, I forgot I had it on. :)

Now please excuse me while I drift off to dreamland with my bra on. Good night, beauties.


  1. Very nice, and it really looks comfortable to use.

  2. Ang hirap maging babae kasi bukod sa pagiging nanay talagang marami ayong gawain sa buhay and habang ginagampanan natin yung mga gawain natin ang hirap na kikilos kang hindi komportable sa suot mo.

  3. Ang sexy mo po... Parang tshirt bra din siya ng Avon na upgraded.
    I love the color too, di siya visible even in your white top.
    I might mention this to my mom in law since she sells avon products sometimes

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