Scruff a Luvs Toy Review and Unboxing

My daughter Maia is a huge animal lover. Her last two real pets have been her treasured furry friends and it's such a joy watching her nurture animals. That's why I was so excited to give this Scruff A Luvs toy as an early birthday gift, and my first thought was that she would absolutely love to have one to call her own.
Scruff A Luvs is a toy that has caught my attention not just for its super cute design, but more so for reminding us all that all animals (and other living things) can blossom if you put some TLC, some effort and some love.

The toy has a simple message and its name says it all. And our mission, of course, is to rescue a poor little Scruff A Luvs, or a compressed round ball of fur that has been balled up for who knows how long, and transform them from scruffy to fluffy. Then, the kid is supposed to bathe, dry, brush, and love the pet as if it was a real animal who needed a "fur"ever home.

My kids absolutely loved this toy! It's such a fun process from “rescuing” it, to giving it a bath and grooming and then discovering whether you got a bunny, kitty or puppy.

It was fun and the end result is just adorable. To a mom like me, it is just a toy, but to a child, it is so MUCH more! I think this toy will be well loved, and not simply forgotten as a toy.

Watch the "unboxing" video on my Youtube channel and find out how my kids rescued a Scruff a Luvs from their matted existence, and how it turned into the cutest little creature imaginable!

One very exciting perk is not knowing what you will get. By washing, drying and grooming the toy, kids can reveal a cute dog, cat or rabbit they have adopted.

What's inside the box?

1 Mystery animal
1 Collar with tag
1 Adoption Certificate
1 Brush
1 Hair Clip

Top Secret TIP: The secret to good looking pets (like what my daughter said) is to wash them with shampoo, rinse well, and then really brush it through. We dried it with a towel first, then the hair dryer on medium heat and gave her a good brushing after drying. It’s like bathing, drying and brushing a real pet!

What we love about Scruff a Luvs:
  • It's a surprise toy! Just wash, dry, groom and reveal!
  • Magically transforms from scruffy to fluffy
  • Kid-friendly size, weight and cute design that's very appealing to children.
  • Made from safe and child-proof materials.
  • NO batteries required.
  • It teaches an important life lessons like rescuing, caring and nurturing animals, and taking ownership (adoption certificate) and responsibility while also having fun playing.
What we don't like about it:
  • Only 3 kinds of pet (puppy, kitten and bunny) Just because my toddler is looking for a bear! LOL

Look! It did not turn out scruffy at all! “Cat-ryn, the kitten” turned out so cute and fluffy! It took a little extra time but well worth it for it to turn out cute and fluffy.

Overall, it takes a bit of work, but once it's all done, it's a really cute toy. The work that goes into grooming them into your little one's pet, is a great bonding experience between parents and kids. Of course, if you don't really take the time to rub them with shampoo and conditioner like you would a real pet, they turn out kind of.... well, scruffy. So just take the time to enjoy it and get it really clean! Maia added the blue one to her birthday list if that says anything about how fun she has had taking care of her new pet.

Scruff a Luvs are available in leading toy stores and retail for P1,399.75.

Not all toys come with the opportunity for your child to bond with it through caring and nurturing. I say that alone is all the more reason to scoop up one of these adorable toys.

So go get your own fluffy toy now!

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