Kids Ink in BGC | Five Reasons Why You Shouldn't Shop Here

Time flies! Bells will be ringing before you know it! So yeah, it's time to start your holiday shopping, and the newly opened store in BGC called Kids Ink, is there to make it easy. It's a place where your kids can have fun as they play, create, and learn. This is also the reason why I'm sailing through the holiday season stress-free. Thanks to Kids Ink!

A few weeks ago, Kids Ink opened its first branch at the 2nd floor of One Bonifacio High Street in BGC. They offer a specially curated selection of books, educational toys, arts and crafts items, and party essentials.

We had a super fun shopping experience at Kids Ink. However, I realize that maybe, not everyone should shop there, so let me share a few  reasons why you should never ever shop in Kids Ink;  (Please note: There are layers of sarcasm on sarcasm on sarcasm.)

1. You are the type of mom who doesn't like to nurture the creative and imaginative spirit of your kids.

BUT why?! I mean, all kids are born with curious and creative minds. And trust me, at Kids Ink, your little ones will enjoy building blocks at the Lego wall and getting creative, making slime, or reading books at the workshop area.  It's the perfect place to inspire your kids to enjoy different activities, discover and explore new things.

So, if you're a KJ (killjoy) mommy who doesn't want their kids to have fun, then maybe, just maybe, you shouldn't shop at Kids Ink.

2. You love to spend a LOT of time shopping in the store.

If you love going back and forth every aisle for hours, then shopping at Kids Ink may not be for you, momsh.

Normally, I would spend hours looking for just a few items and then even more time lining up to the cashier. So yeah.. I would spend more than 4 hours of shopping, but now that I shop at Kids Ink, I am literally in and out in under 30 minutes. That's because it's like a one-stop shop and you can get everything that you need in one place.

3. You love the thrill of shopping in a crowded store.

I can shop comfortably at Kids Ink because it is less crowded and the aisles are well-lit and spacious with signs everywhere. Plus, the books are already arranged by age. That, my friend, will help you shop the easiest and most convenient way. So, if you love the thrill of squeezing, bumping and wiggling your way through a throng of shoppers or shopping in a store that's like a crowded maze, then Kids Ink is not the place for you.

4. You like buying the same, old boring designs of bags, toys and notebooks.

If you like the old designs of notebooks, and you hate to make your kids stand out with the season's smartest and trendiest items, then by all means, find another store. Kids Ink carries the best (and the coolest) brands in the market, offering high-quality school and office supplies at affordable and competitive prices. There's a lot of cool items you can find here especially some rare brands you can't find on other stores. Obviously, my favorite section, of course, is where you can find the super cute party essentials because I like planning parties for my kids! Unicorn-themed party, to be exact! :)

You can plan themed parties your kids will love, without the hassle. Plus, you can shop for ready-made party items for various occasions at Kids Ink.

5. You are either too busy or you don't have time to bond with your kids.

As you know, I am a firm believer of the good old family quality bonding time. I think spending quality time with the kids is a huge investment. Sadly, there are parents who are spending less time interacting with their kids, and guess what? They're missing all the fun! So I say make the most of every moment you have together with your littles. And for us, that’s inside the Kids Ink store. Trust me, you can make shopping a bonding experience with your kids at Kids Ink, and you'll get lots of Mommy points too!

Kids Ink beats other stores every. single. time. See more photos HERE.

As for me, I love shopping at Kids Ink! I dare you to give it a try, you may be surprised at what you'll find. I certainly have big plans of heading back next week for another round of shopping because it's the start of a super crazy weekend! I bet you can also feel the holiday rush comin'!

So you better not pout, you better not cry and you better shop now for Christmas gifts and get a freebie with every single receipt purchase until December 31. The coolest items are all waiting for you! Perhaps I'll see you there.

Thank you so much, Kids Ink, for inviting us in your launch/store opening. Super enjoyed spending the whole afternoon with my kids making slime, shopping and looking around for toys and books! I stopped by to admire the KikkiK booth and got all excited when I found the beautiful 2019 planner (it's pink!) It's really cute, so please be sure to put it on your must-buy list! :)

Visit Kids Ink  on the second level of One Bonifacio High Street, BGC.

For more information about Kids Ink, visit their website:

Happy shopping!

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