The Whole Child Approach as Guidelines for 21st Century Learning & Living

Each era of evolution brings in a new set of challenges for different sectors of the society. Education is no exception. The world has shifted to a time where people are dependent on technology and digital connection to gather information, communicate, connect and operate our day to day lives.

While these advancements help improve productivity and efficiency, it also needs a generation of experts who have the skills to innovate further and be responsible for what future disruptions may generate.

Seeing the demands that the future brings and how education has a role of preparing citizens for these changes, ACSD, an organization that was founded in 1943 with the sole mission of aiding educators in creating effective learning systems, came up with a structure to effectively aid learners for what
the future holds - The Whole Child Approach.
It is a framework that helps shift focus from mere academic achievements to long-term development and success of all learners. In this framework, ACSD emphasizes the need of the active involvement of all stakeholders of learning. Every situation where a child is exposed is a learning opportunity. Educators, families, community members, and policymakers need to portray a role in grooming the future generation.

To maximize the benefits of the current times and be equipped with the skills to face the challenges that any industrial revolution may bring, ACSD stated five criteria to take into consideration:


This refers to not just the physical but the overall well being of each learner. An environment to nurture mental, emotional and social well being of a student is essential. Students should enter school in a healthy physical state and should learn about practices of how to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Each student should be able to learn in an environment that is physically and emotionally safe for both students and adults. The physical surroundings should be built around safety guidelines that would protect the learner from any danger or harm. Rules and regulations should be set in place to create a culture of equality and respect.


Each student should be actively engaged in learning and is connected to the school and broader
community. Institutions are given the challenge to get more creative in creating experiences to help learns to build an understanding of responsibility, decision-making, goal setting, and time management.


Each student has to have access to personalized learning and should be supported by qualified, caring
adults. Apart from academic structures, each learner should be made aware that they have, at their
disposal, social and emotional support systems. This includes educators, counselors and even families
who are assisted to understand the importance of their involvement in grooming a learners' life.


Each student is challenged academically and prepared for success in college or further study and
employment and participation in a global environment. They should be equipped with skill sets for critical thinking, reasoning, problem-solving competencies, and technology proficiency. High standard of curriculum, programs, and activities should be in place.

REX has always been a supporter of ACSD, participating in conferences hosted by the organization, seeking materials andresources to upgrade the quality of support that can be provided to
Filipino educators.

Last October 2017, an official partnership was announced between REX and ACSD to strengthen further the mission of helping educational institutions and the nation, in grooming the ‘whole child.' "We have always been a learner-centered organization since our inception in the 50's, that's why we have continuously evolved to address the growing needs of each
Filipino learner," said REX Book Store COO, Don Timothy Buhain.

"Our partnership with ASCD will enable us to strengthen and expand the way we engage and enable our partners in education, the Isang Nayon (One Village), that will nurture the Whole Child.", he added.

Like ASCD, REX Book Store has acknowledged the need to provide holistic education for the citizens of the country. With it's mission: "Tayong Lahat, Kapit-Bisig,Para Sa Bata, Para Sa Bayan", REX continuously innovates its symphony of learning solutions to meet the demands of today and the future for holistic education.

With the digital age taking over our day to day lives, talks of creating the classroom of the future with
interactive technology and other innovations have often been present. A solid foundation though is
needed for each learner to understand and appreciate all these disruptions. The real classroom of the
future is one where people and the whole world collaborates to nurture a whole child.

Learn how you can be ready to take on your role in grooming a whole child and join the conversation
about how we can all work together for the Whole Child, Visit

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