PAI Toys Review | PAI Technology Brings Toys to Life with Augmented Reality

I played with all kinds of toys when I was a kid, but I don’t think I remember anything quite as amazing as the toys that my kids love playing with. And right now, the shiniest toys that they have are PAI Toys by PAI Technology with slick Augmented Reality apps. It's great for encouraging a child's imagination, innovation, and most of all, play!

FYI, parents. There is a thing called "Augmented Reality Tech toys." If you don't know what that is, that's probably because you are neither a tech-obsessed kid  (always trying to steal your iPad or smartphone), or a parent of one. PAI Technology is the only technology company that partners with parents to enhance their children's education and development through fun, imaginative STEAM-based play. 

So, without further ado, I give you some of the reasons why PAI toys are the coolest toys your child ACTUALLY needs in his/her toy bin. You can thank me later.

We really love PAI toys! Well, I said we (yep, not just my kids) because I really love how it assures busy moms like me that our kid's time on the screen is well spent. It’s super hard to limit the amount of time kids spend on phones and tablets. I’m definitely guilty of this, especially if I’m on deadline. BUT it really is possible to bring learning to life by using gadgets, and to make sure kids have a healthy relationship with their devices.

Some parents may disagree, but a little screen time won't hurt. PAI Technology's apps is an entirely safe way to enjoy a little screen time for kids, and it could help your kid’s playtime to be more well rounded. Their apps are appropriate for kids so I'm not worried about leaving my kids with a gadget. You can download the apps from App Store or Google Play.

 Also, it provides an exciting learning experience that encourages them to be more curious. I love how it stimulates their curiosity to learn and explore. PAI Tech turns a toy into something that boost your kiddos' brain and it makes learning a lot more fun!

Play so fun, it's Cube-tastic! A colorful Augmented Reality 3D puzzle-cube that helps develop problem solving skills, hand eye coordination and memory.  Plus, it's very easy to use. Just scan, learn and solve! It's like the modern version of the Rubik’s Cube because it actually teaches you how to solve the darn brain-teaser thing. Lol Trust me, you may think you're a genius but you know nothing until you solve Cube-tastic!

Cube-Tastic Php 1,200
Augmented Reality  (AR) promotes more creative play. Now these are AR-equipped toys that kids can interact with on an iPad, smartphone or in real life. It encourages kids to think beyond reality and go where their imagination can take them. Even adults will love it! Remember when you tried to catch a Pikachu in Pokemon Go? That's an AR experience. 

It develops curiosity, creativity and responsibility. Look at the amazing Ocean Pets app, as an example.

Basically, it's like the Tamagotchi. It turns your child's art into a 3D virtual aquarium. The putty looks just like an ordinary putty where you can mold fishes and other sea creatures, but when when viewed through an app, kids can feed and take good care of their pets.

Once the fish is scanned, it will come to life on the screen. This is something that is just not possible with a traditional physical toy.  Also, it teaches kids STEAM essentials through caring for their pets, and a sense of responsibility by creating their own virtual aquarium. 

It's so engaging both digitally and physically, where kids feel connected to the toy. They also feel a sense of ownership.

Ocean Pets Php 2,800
It is safe and made of non-toxic and high-quality material and is 100% BPA free. As you may or may not be aware, there are news about arsenic and lead levels in “putty".  It may sound a little scary or alarming to let your kids play putty or slime, but not to worry. It's totally safe, made of super-high-quality material, lightweight and mess-free.

My daughter said it's the fluffiest and stretchiest putty ever! I mean, really. My kids love this stuff! It has a great feel and texture, and not sticky at all! It comes in a resealable container which is really nice. This preserves the putty longer so it doesn’t dry out! Actually, I love using it too, as an anxiety reducer and it's really a great physical (like a stress ball) and mental therapy tool.

The Pai Interactive Storybook, TJ & the Beanstalk, pairs with a free app and your tablet. It encourages a love of reading and it teaches positive life lessons like bravery, generosity and kindness. I love the rich, detailed illustrations with 3d interaction, and how PAI Technology turns a storybook into a multimedia platform as kids tap into something magical and create a world of wonder.

Happiness is at their fingertips! And when your kids are happy, it's something that you MUST buy.

Yuan's favorite is the Paibloks Racecar. With Paibloks, your kids can build, control code and interact! It comes with top-quality and super safe blocks, which features smart block and multi-play. It is designed for kids 3-7 years old. What I really like about it is that it has larger size of blocks that makes it easier for kids to build with.

     Paibloks Helicopter Php 2,000
    Paibloks Police Car Php 2,000
    Paibloks Crane Php 3,150
    Paibloks Ambulance (remote controlled Php 3,500
    Paibloks Racecar Php 3,500
    Paibloks Bulldozer Php 3,500

Paibloks Racecar Php 3,500

Paibloks Racecar Php 3,500

Overall, PAI toys are game-changers. They have the ability to entertain, excite and educate through immersive AR experiences. Best part? These toys are designed to enhance learning through fun! So, if you want to get your little ones something educational AND fun, this is definitely for you!

PAI toys by PAI Technology is available in all Rustan's, Hobbes and Landes & Toys R Us. Follow @paitoys on Instagram.
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