What Dancing Teaches Babies and Toddlers


    1. a place or area, especially one regarded as secluded or remote.
    "The baby sat at one corner of the house."
    2. where nobody puts baby
     "Nobody puts baby in a corner."

First of all, we all need to take a moment and give thanks for the fact that dancing has life-changing benefits for babies and toddlers. Seriously, no mom wants their baby stuck in a corner, doing nothing.

Dancing enhances a baby's physical, mental, emotional and social skills. For moms like me, it is never too early to start giving our children exposure to dance, music, and movement. Children as young as one year old can begin to dance. All they need is a little more encouragement so they can find their groove and enjoy the benefits of dancing.

Remember when everyone was sharing their babies' Pampers Go Galaw dance video? Were they having fun? Sure. Were they super cute? Absolutely.  Proof that dancing can turn the most boring of days into a fun one.

So how do babies and toddlers benefit from dance? I thought I'd do a little research and share them with you, mga momshies.

•    Physical fitness

As a mom of 2 who used to work as a physical therapist, I encourage a love of physical activity for my kids. That way, they can have fun while being fit and healthy. Their little arms and feet are put to perfect use in dancing, while discovering their full range of motion, and improving their balance, strength, coordination and overall motor skills.

Dancing is also an aerobic exercise that improves the efficiency of the cardio-vascular system and improves airflow in the upper respiratory tract which prevents the bacteria that can cause colds and flu. So yep, keeping my tots active is a must.

Speaking of which, I just posted a video to my IGTV and YouTube channel of Yuan doing some dramatic choreography to his favorite One Direction song "What Makes You Beautiful". Basically, it was super fun to watch—and if being a future pilot doesn't work out for him, he definitely has a backup career in dancing. :)

Also, I made sure to highlight Yuan's, um, fashion choices (Pampers diaper) and the importance of movement and dance in the holistic development of babies. They need to move with ease while they’re still developing their motor skills.  I'm sure other moms like me don't want to see their babies to be uncomfortable doing the things they want to do just because of a saggy diaper.

Ever heard of the Lawlaw Diaper Effect?

The effect caused by wearing ridiculously uncomfortable and lawlaw diapers. It affects a baby's mobility when diapers are unable to properly absorb and distribute wetness. The extra weight sags between a child’s legs and makes it more difficult for them to move freely. More than the discomfort, wetness and leaks, a lawlaw diaper also means more frequent diaper changes.

With 90% chance of your baby crying, 25% chance of throwing a fit, and 99% chance your baby will walk uncomfortably, like a duck.

Nevertheless, I saw it and decided I had to change my baby's diaper. I tried different brands until I tried the new and improved Pampers Baby-Dry which promises less lawlaw diaper and more go galaw mornings for our little ones. It absorbs and distributes wetness evenly even with my super active baby dancing and moving around. That's the magic of the Magic Gel Channels! It's also the key to amazing "Go Galaw dance moves".

•    Learning through song and dance

Dancing exercises the baby's brain and helps develop memory. It nurtures their body’s urge to move, and improves the brain's attention to patterns and sounds.  Plus, learning through movements and dance provide a safe and fun way for babies to explore.

•    Social awareness

 There are shortcuts to happiness and a baby dancing with others is one of them. As they become more comfortable, their confidence and the ability to empathize, to socialize and to read emotional language will improve, as it creates an emotional bond with other people.

•    Communication and self-expression

Babies dance as a way to communicate with others, and to express what is too hard to find for words. By dancing, they can express their emotions comfortably in front of other people, as if they could truly speak the words that describe their feelings. Funny, this is how I express my feelings too.

My little Yuan, unflagging channel of excitement and joy that he is, can spike even the most mundane of activities that is dancing. It shows his unbelievable strength and energy, his love of dancing, his infectious smile and everything is just so pure. He got some sweet moves too!

And as you read this, I'm watching him dance.

No surprise there. What might surprise you is how babies can think of new dance moves every day.  I'm not a Directioner but I think I'm going to start learning Yuan's moves immediately if not sooner. The ideal dance choreography is as follows:

Stick your tongue out Twist & Turn
Fire hydrant step
Put-your-hands-up-in-the-air step
Bop Til You Drop
1D step (a One Direction inspired move)

Seriously, besh. The amount of dancing skill it takes to pull off this choreography is mind-blowing. Sans lawlaw diaper, Yuan pulls these moves off to perfection, with an extra point on 1D step for just how happy and comfy he looks. It just proved that Pampers has some serious impact on improving his dancing skills.

Indeed, watching a dancing baby or toddler is really entertaining. Lakas maka good vibes! I wonder why we don't have a channel solely dedicated to videos of babies dancing 24/7.  It is not only a channel for everyone to watch and enjoy, but also a dream for dance-loving babies.

Dear Pampers, Please give me the "Pampers babies go on a play date that turns out to be a dance battle" video ASAP. It can star Seve, Yuan, Damien and all the Pampers babies. It can be called the Ultimate Go Galaw Mini Dance-Off and I am already in front of my laptop waiting for it. I have no doubt that the littlest ones could make even those meh-tastic experiences exciting and delightful. Because with babies dancing, anything is possible.

So, stop what you're doing, turn on some music, and wiggle with your baby. No matter what's going on, dance it out.

 Do you love dancing with your baby? What is your baby's favorite dance moves? Please do share them in the comments below.

 Disclaimer: This post is in partnership with Pampers, however, all opinions are solely my own.

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