GO!TECHS Water Resistant Spray Review

I love the outdoors especially nature and would take every chance I get to go out, explore and have an adventure. There is something special about it that you will not find running on a treadmill in the gym or by just strolling inside a mall (unless, it's shopping).  :)

The only thing I need to worry about is the bipolar weather in our country. That leads to another thing to worry about which is worrying about getting my shoes wet, because of the unexpected rain shower or change of weather.

Nature is the sworn enemy of your favorite shoes or handbag. Trust me, besh. If the rain doesn’t get you, the mud will. That is why when you go into hostile territory, you must take appropriate precautions. And because it's summer, I know you'll spend every weekend on the beach and expect nothing bad will  ever happen to your bag or shoes. Well, not yet.

Although bringing an umbrella should be the obvious solution, it won't work on my forgetful momma brain. If that's not relatable 'cause you're a guy, well I'm pretty sure that at one point in your life, you forgot to bring an umbrella too. Or maybe, just maybe, you're too lazy (like me) to bring one. But there is more you can do to prepare yourself for unexpected change of weather conditions, and that’s protecting your shoes, boots, bags and clothing with the best waterproofing and shoe protector spray out there!

Enter GO!TECHS Water Resistant Spray. Ta-Dah!

It's an odorless spray that can turn your shoes, clothes, documents, handbags, caps, and almost anything to stainless and water resistant at the same time. It's the only water resistant spray in the market that applicable to all materials including all leather/ textile.

It's the first chemical waterproof spray with fluorine which can form a barrier on  the surface of the objects to protect against penetration of any liquid, oil and stain efficiently with no effect on the softness and breathability of the material.

I've tested it on my shoes and it REALLY works! Yep. Really Effective! It can protect your precious pair of shoes from getting wet. Seriously, whoever invented this product is a genius. No need to worry about unexpected rain shower and muddy puddle. Every step you take will be secured!  Check out this amazing video:

So here are some of the reasons why I like this product:
  • It dries quickly and you'll see results in just 30 seconds! Quickly effective and you don't have to wait for hours plus, it provides quick and complete coverage when applied.
  • It's odorless. There's no foul, irritating or strong chemical smell.
  • It's eco-friendly, non-toxic and very safe to use. It is approved by SGS, and does not contain carcinogen such PFOA / PFOS.
It comes in an easy spray can, and there is a note at the back of the can that in order to make sure that the color doesn't fade or change, do a test spray before coating your personal belongings. Also, use it on well-ventilated area and keep away from sources of  ignition. Lastly, protect from sunlight and do not expose to high temperature.

You'll also find the ingredients at the back, product description and steps on how to use it. You can check the manufacturing date at the bottom of the bottle. I've checked their website and have read that the water proof effect can last over a month if the protective film isn't destroyed by rain or other reasons, so there's no need to use it regularly.
  • It's convenient, quick to apply and very easy to use.
Here are the simple steps on how to use it:

1. Shake the spray before use.

2. Clean the layer of the object and keep it dry.

3. Hold the spray 15-20cm away from the object and spray the layer all over to be moist.

4. Leave the objects for your 5-10mins to dry to achieve the best effect.

* If the object is absorbent (suede, terry) keep it for 15 minutes.

  • You can apply it to all materials including leather, textiles and even paper. And although the sprayed material repelled water very well, it doesn’t leave behind any odors or residue.
  • It has high breathability, which means there's no need to worry about having smelly or moldy shoes.
  • It can also protect your belongings from stains, and make cleaning much easier.  
  • Reasonably priced (Php 599 only for 180 ml bottle). For what it is worth, save your investment. Your shoes is definitely more expensive than any of your fave possession, and you need something to protect and save it from anything that nature throws your way.
What's more, you can order it online. Now na, hangga't may FREE Shipping pa! There's also an option of Cash On Delivery to Philippines nationwide by LBC. Order it here: https://goo.gl/YNEVtz

Overall, it's very effective and so far, I only have good things to say about this product. With the number of reasons I've mentioned above and the amount of benefits that GO!TECHS Water Resistant Spray has, you will be sure that your beloved shoes or handbag will last for a REALLY long time. Seriously, besh, without this spray, there’s a 0% chance my shoes would have survived the heavy rain last week! I hate to sound like the girl in O Shopping but I just have to say this...

Why not make your order today and be free from unwanted stains and damage on your shoes for the rest of your life?

For more deets, visit  GO!TECHS Spray  Facebook page here or watch the demo at https://gotechsph.easy.co/  to see how it actually works or better yet, try nyo! :)

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