"Ultimate Crush” Liza Soberano Opens Her Very Own HOPE Hand and Foot Wellness

If aliens came to our planet right this second, they'd think  Liza Soberano was famous for
a) walking the red carpet with Enrique Gil,
b) having a pretty face, and
c) entering the wellness industry with her very own HOPE Hand and Foot Wellness while introducing everyone to the wonderful world of wellness that goes beyond beauty.

Well, Liza is actually famous for making it to Top 6 of the most beautiful faces in the world. Grace, elegance, class, poise, joy, promise, hope… they are all embodied in her beautiful face.

Liza explained that the decision to have a wellness center as her first business should not come as a surprise to many because she has always been a great believer in wellness that goes beyond beauty.
Liza, whose real name is Hope Elizabeth Soberano, said that she believes wellness goes beyond beauty.

“Wellness impacts more than meets the eye. It is all about making us feel better holistically, from head to toe, body to soul,” Liza said.

Liza shared her own wellness ritual by using a lot of essential and organic oils to pamper her hands and feet and also to boost her body and spirit.

“I am a great believer that wellness is essential in making us the best version that we can be. HOPE Hand and Foot Wellness is the first manifestation of the HOPE Wellness brand. We want this to be the go-to place for everyone and anyone who wants to feel better. HOPE is open to people of all ages, genders and walks of life,” Liza adds.

Speaking like a true businesswoman, Liza quoted economist Paul Zane Pilner who said that the health and wellness industry is predicted to become the next trillion-dollar industry worldwide, underscored by the trend that spas and wellness centers have become a lifestyle for many people around the world.

“By putting up HOPE Hand and Foot Wellness, we do not only encourage people to have their own proper wellness ritual but we are also aggressively taking part in what is described as the business of the future,” Liza said.

Liza mentioned that as much as her time would allow it, she would want to be very hands-on in managing the operations of her wellness center.

“I made sure that I am actively involved from conceptualization to the actual construction of this place down to the services that we offer,” Liza adds.

HOPE Hand and Foot Wellness exudes serenity and calm with its blush pink, light grey and white color palette, customized comfortable seats for the clients, with sophisticated lighting elements creating the perfect relaxation vibe.

Liza’s wellness center offers not just the basic mani-pedis but special packages such as: Boss Lady, Sugar Spice and Everything Nice, Age is Just a Number, HOPE Signature Wellness Package, The Pro-Active Package, The Chill Chic, and the Little Prince/ Little Princess Package.

HOPE Hand and Foot Wellness Services Menu:

 *Boss Lady Package- Even the busiest boss lady needs to be pampered especially when she's on her feet a lot. Our Boss Lady Package starts with a warm Himalayan Salt foot soak to soothe you, followed by a reinvigorating mix of coffee exfoliating foot scrub and softening coconut. To tighten and remove impurities, a bentonite and white tea oil mask is liberally smoothed on before a 30-minute massage. This dreamy package is capped with an expertly applied manicure + pedicure worthy of any boss lady.

*Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice- The perfect mixture of sassy, sweet, and pampering. A brightening and softening milk and lemon warm foot soak begins the indulgent process. Sugar, olive oil, honey, and baking soda scrub create a natural moisturizing, antibacterial exfoliant to reveal dreamy feet. A relaxing sandalwood mask is applied, before a calming 30-minute massage readies your tips for premium manicure + pedicure.

*Age is Just a Number- Release your inner youthful nymph! Stay young and fresh with an anti-aging warm foot soak using sambong leaves. Coconut cream, Himalayan Salt, and Peppermint softens, hydrates, and invigorates your feet to make them baby soft. A white tea oil calms your tips in preparation for a reviving 30-minute massage tailored to promote blood circulation and anti-aging. Lastly, a manicure + pedicure that will add a touch of youth will be artfully applied.

*HOPE Signature Wellness Package- HOPE’s very own de-stressing treatment. Healing Epsom salt and relaxing lavender oil is infused in a warm water foot soak. Chamomile tea bags, Himalayan salt, and olive oil make a trio of a calming and softening foot scrub. More premium lavender oil is used to indulge stressed feet before the ultimate therapeutic 70-minute reflexology massage begins. A manicure and pedicure seals in the deal and gets you ready to face the day with newfound wellness and hope.

*The Pro-Active Package- Say goodbye to weary hands and feet any working woman has to deal with, and say hello to smoother and younger-looking hands and feet with this special treatment. An Epsom salt warm water soak starts the healing process, followed by a foot scrub of exfoliating refined sugar, re-energizing peppermint leaves, and soothing bamboo oil. A foot paraffin wax will help keep feet softer, before being followed by deeply calming 70-minute reflexology massage. The same youthful invigorating process is repeated on your hands before a manicure + pedicure is applied.

*The Chill Chic- For the woman of substance who is cool, calm, and collected. The treatment begins with a warm steamed towel to cleanse and open pores. A soothing bamboo oil and Himalayan scrub will calm the senses in preparation for a milk, calamansi, and green tea hand mask for brightening, detoxifying, and softening rejuvenation. A deeply calming massage then precedes a high-quality manicure + pedicure.

*The Little Prince/Princess Package- You can never be too young to pamper and care for yourself! Young patrons have a choice of either:

A. Warm foot soak with healing sambong leaves, a gentle hydrating exfoliation using sugar and olive oil, a mask with bentonite clay and lavender oil to cleanse and soothe, before lastly enjoying a specially-tailored kiddie massage.
B. A warm steamed towel cleans and removes impurities in preparation for a natural and gentle sugar and olive oil scrub for softness and moisture. A lavender oil mask soothes before a calming kiddie-friendly massage.

Visit HOPE Hand and Foot Wellness at U4, Creekside Square, 74 Tomas Morato, Quezon City. Like them on FB @hopewellnessofficial and Instagram @hopewellnessofficial.

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