Four Reasons Why Denenes is Perfect for Babes at Any Age

Hola, momshies! Do you remember Denenes? I'm sure the Titos and Titas of Manila can still remember the light fresh scent that was part of their childhood. It's a product that has been around for more than 60 years. I think it's just totally "petmalu" (to borrow a phrase from the appropriate decade I came from).

Fyi, Denenes means "for babies" in Spanish, and it is one of the famous brand names that you're probably pronouncing wrong. Denenes (pronounced de-ne-nes, not de-ne-ney) is actually a skincare line from Spain, which produces cologne, body wash, and shampoo that are delicate for babies and popular with all ages.

That being said, here are four reasons why Denenes is perfect for babes at any age:

1. Smiles guaranteed.

You'll probably crack a smile after smelling the most familiar and nostalgia-inducing scent. And even though you may have forgotten it already or you may not know it by name, I'm sure smelling or just looking at it brings back all the memories. It's safe to say my appetite for nostalgia has never been bigger because it's my all time favorite scent that gives the freshest "amoy baby" and "bagong ligo" feeling ever, not to mention the old memories that go with them.

I'm sure it gives kilig to the tito and tita in you, especially when you remember using it on your first dates. After all, it was the it-cologne that every cool girl in high-school owned. What else would you wear with your flare jeans and baby tee?

2. The new line is geared toward millennials, titas of Manila and babes of all ages.

Fast forward almost 20 years, it comes in a whole line of perfumery and skin care, which I'm sure will become the perfume of choice for moms, teens and babies everywhere.

The scent, no doubt, is still like it has always been.... mild, sweet, light and just perfect for babes. But nope, it's not just for babies. Over the years, they have expanded their line and added many personal care products that are now used by teens and adults.

Behold, my bounty from the Denenes media launch;

DENENES Baby Cologne in 600 ml and 125 ml, Denenes Nenes Felices Cologne 200ml, Denenes Colonia Spray, Denenes Champu/ Shampoo 500 ml and Denenes Sabon /Body Wash 650 ml

I like that their mild shampoo can also be used as a body wash. It has a relaxing formula with the soft scent of Denenes, plus it contains 100% natural chamomile and lavender essential oils that helps babies relax.

And even a whole day of walking and running around Enchanted Kingdom won't keep us from smelling fresh and clean because I always bring a bottle of Denenes baby cologne with me! Yay! I dropped it a few times but I'm glad it is packaged in a convenient shatterproof spray bottle.

3. They use the safest ingredients that's perfect for both moms and babies.

For me, it's important to use products that are not just used to pamper my little ones after a bath or diaper change, but something that's safe to use.  What I love about Denenes products is that it is formulated for baby’s sensitive skin, and contains no artificial preservatives so it cleans without causing irritation. Plus, these are gentle, hypoallergenic, paraben-free, phtalate-free products.

4.  It's affordable and you don't need to spend a fortune to smell like a million dollar.. baby! Hah!

The prices range from P389 to P1,000 for the various products, with sizes ranging from 125ml to 650ml. Compared to other brands, it's really more sulit because you can buy the bigger bottles which can give you bigger savings. These include shampoos, shower gels and moisturizers that are now available in most leading supermarkets in the Philippines.

Also, it's now available in Lazada. For more info, like Denenes Philippines on Facebook:

So go ahead, indulge in your sentimentality if you're a certified Tita like me, and whether you're a millennial or just prefer a truly classic scent, you're set. Nevertheless, I just provided you with something that will be cherished from one generation to another. Something that will give you the best memories of a lifetime. You're welcome, and have a great day-nenes!

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  1. Cute ni Baby Brent sa photo! Matanda na ang Denenes haha! Naalala ko dati, it's one of those baby colognes that doesn't trigger my allergies.Yun isang brand ng cologne dati, the one which has an "angel" sinisipon ako.
    I haven't tried using this on my daughter nga pala! Pinipili ko yun pagbili ng colognes kasi may mga brands na kahit pang baby nag i sneeze parin kami mg anak ko. I'm sure my girl will love this.


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