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Lechon is layf. 
It is a famous delicacy that is present in most Filipino tables during special occasions in life like fiestas, birthdays, wedding, anniversaries, Christmas, and New Year. 


That being said, if you are craving for Lechon or just simply looking for something delicious to eat this holiday season, why not try the new hot and fresh that just came to town, #PorkyPit. Judging by the photo that they shared on Facebook, their meal was a truly good one! Oh, and I got a taste of Cebu with their oh-so-yummy lechon belly and Lechonarma! So if you love lechon, you'll love Porky Pit's Lechonarma even more!

Porky Pit is a new Brand of Diancia Trading Inc, that engaged in a business using a best part of lechon “Lechon Belly” in a theme of “Cebu Lechon on the Go” a Lechon in a Shawarma? So you would not just eat Lechon whenever there is gathering but it is now on the go. Their main Product is the softest part of “Pork” meat. ”Pit“ means an area reserve or enclose for specific activity. 

What I love about Porky Pit:
  •  No preservatives added.
  •  Purely raw ingredients and home-made recipe, follow proper sanitation in preparing and well trained cook. 
  • Fresh and new pork belly cut with accredited BFAD supplier.

Price: Php 99

Porky Pit belly with rice has 100 grams of lechon belly (serve hot and cut into your prefer size). It would be served with choice of Salsa (House Sauce Mayo, LechonSalso, or Lechon vinegar) and one cup of rice in a very affordable price.

LECHONARMA (with veggies) 
Price: Php 75 

If you like lechon with a side of healthiness. Porky Pit's Pinoy Lechonarma recipe combines the Cebu Lechon and shawarma style with the preference of the Filipino. This dish makes you enjoy a balanced mix of veggies and all meat Lechon. 

Lechonarma wrap is in a pita bread with cucumber, white onion, tomatoes, garlic and Porky Pit Lechon; You can choose your own sauce between Roasted Sesame or Garlic sauce or additional cheese. 

LECHONARMA (all meat)-Php 85

LECHON BELLY (all meat) 
Price: Php 500/ 1 kilo &Php 330/ 1⁄2 kilo 

Porky Pit Lechon Belly has the same ingredient of traditional Cebu Lechon as known for their spices and herbs particularly the combination of lemon grass, leeks, salt, pepper, and garlic as stuffing inside the pig's belly. It is slowly cooked over oven heat in correct temperature to retain the crispiness of the skin. But aside of stuffing the pork with spices and herbs, they also marinate it with the basic ingredients of Lechon Cebu before roasting. 

Frozen Lechon Belly has week expiration after the manufactured date.

Drop by Porky Pit booth and try their one of a kind #LechonSaWrap #Lechonarma and #LechonarmaOnTheGo at the #WorldBazaar2017 at the World Trade Center until December 22, 2017. You could also be a lucky winner of a brand new iPhone X for every purchase of two #LechonarmaOnTheGo. Come bring your whole family or barkada. 

For more information and updates about Porky Pit , please follow them on Facebook here. They can deliver around Metro Manila with a minimum purchase of 4 kilos.For order or inquiries you can contact Porky Pit at 656-11-61 

Soon to open at SM San Mateo and SM Novaliches.
See you there!

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