The Girl with a Barbie Ukulele and Barbie's Newly Launched Musical Instruments

There's the girl with a guitar, the girl in the book, and the girl on the train.

Now comes the girl with a Barbie Ukulele, the musical instrument she fell in love with, and what she calls now "my uke." She's a really shy girl but I'm glad she's having a blast trying out her new ukulele from Barbie. 💕 Can't believe my baby girl is now 10 years old and may crush na sya (wait whaaattt??) 😆😤 and I’m not sure how that happened. But it got me thinking about what life is like for a girl her age.

I know it can be tough, to say the least. So I tell her to just have fun, forget that lame app and YouTube video and check into the big, beautiful world around her.

To pick up her ukulele and create her own song (it doesn’t have to be good). To choose to experience life, not merely exist in it.

To stay her silly and playful self for as long as she can.

And on the days she's feeling less than ordinary, I tell her that she doesn't have to compare herself to other kids because God created her for a unique purpose, and she is His one-of-a-kind extraordinary creation.

I want her to know that she is (and will always be, no matter what) so very, very loved by me… always. ❤

This awesome Barbie™ musical instruments  just arrived from Jen1ne Distributor Incorporated (Est. 2009). One of the leading musical instrument distributors in the Philippines and is responsible for establishing D&D Custom Guitars among others which, in only a few years’ time, has risen to become one the leading guitar brands in the Philippines.
Barbie DBA Acoustic Guitar
with a Barbie Guitar Carrying Bag in Pink
Php 5,500

Barbie DBA Ukelele
with a Barbie Guitar Carrying Bag in Pink
Php 3,300
Barbie DBA Drum Set
with Free Drumsticks
Php 8,980.00
Barbie HRT Electric Guitar in Pink
with a Barbie Guitar Carrying Bag in Pink
Php 6,900.00

Barbie™ Ukelele, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar and Drumset available in D&D Custom Guitar Store SM Mall of Asia located at the 2nd floor, North Wing.

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