Eat, Drink and Play at Rackshack in SM Aura

If you're looking for a place where you can chill with your friends and indulge on a feast of ridiculously good grilled meats and signature barbecue rubs and sauces, check out Rackshack! It's RACK's cooler and younger brother!

This new joint at SM Aura has attracted many "millenials" (and let's not forget the "xennials" like me) for consistently serving ridiculously good fired-up BBQ.  Indeed, the thrill is on the grill!


Rackshack is the perfect place to eat, drink and play! I like its industrial interiors and the bright open space or patio bar that has that hip and laidback vibe. They also have Treat or Dare Darts, Beer Pong, and dozens of board games and card games like Cards Against Humanity and What Do You Meme, that are available at the patio.

The Street Corn Salad (P195) has all the makings of a hit: it's fresh, crunchy and the dressing is packed with flavors. It is an awesome choice to start a meal, especially if you're a meat-lover like me. It brings out a certain level of freshness to heavy meals that are chock-full of meat and fat. Plus, it balances out your meal. Paired with meat, it's perfect for those on Keto diet.

Also, I love the DIY concept, which means you can mix and match, and you can order whatever you want.
  • Choose your meats: pork rib, pulled pork, Texas hot link, or crack fried chicken. You also have the option to go single or double, and if you want it dry or drenched in their signature sauces.

  • Choose your sauce/s. It's UNLI-Sauce, mga besh! Yay! So, I suggest going all out, try them all and once you have your fave pick, pour them all over your ribs. And by all, I mean drip as much as you want on your ribs, because they will never run out of sauce! Check out the Spice Richter Scale: (from least to most spicy) Mother Sauce, Hoisin, Carolina Gold, Kansas Style and Spicy Mother Sauce.
  • Try their signature Mother Sauce, it's the perfect blend to go with your flame-scorched ribs! For a burst of Asian flavors, try the Hoisin sauce. For something sweet and spicy, go for the Kansas Sauce, or you can try the Carolina Gold, that has a mustard-y and tangy taste. Lastly, if you want something that's extra hot and spicy, try the Spicy Mother Sauce. Get an ice cold beer in case you find it too spicy. They also offer Engkanto craft beer.

  • Then, you can choose your sides: Shack Slaw, QP Corn, Shack Beans, Harajuku Potato Salad, garlic rice, or steamed rice.

I loooove the shredded pulled pork with chips and Shack Slaw on the side. It's Belly-Good!  Though the meat itself is heavy, it is nice and crunchy with great flavor! I prefer the mild and sweet Mother Sauce to go with it though. Aside from being a hearty meal, it's also reasonably priced at P225 (Single) and P375 (Double).

For appetizers, get ridiculous and order the Ridiculous nachos and fries! It is loaded with pulled pork, hot link sausage, onion strings, cheese, jalapeños, and so much more. It's like a party in your mouth! Delicious and a definite must try for barkadas!

They also have Shack Platter (P795) and Groupie Platter (P955)  for groupies! Oh, and don't forget to try their signature moist Brownie Smores drizzled with caramel and chocolate syrup. It's a legit killer dessert!

Head to Rackshack in SM Aura or Circuit Makati and grab a bite. Their branches are located at 5F, The Sky Park, SM Aura Premier, Taguig City; and GF Ayala Circuit Mall, Makati City. Open from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Follow their Instagram for more juicy deets;  @rackshackph .

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  1. Parang ang sarap ng mga dips and sauces nila m0mma! 😱 and yung the ambiance is so relaxing. A breath of fresh air in the middle of a mother city!😍😍😍

  2. Super nice po ng photos nyo and it's 1:34am na and parang nakakagutom :) The DIY concept po is a big thumbs up :)


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