BIC Kicks Off their Biggest Social Campaign in Asia, #BICBrightFutures

I remember spending hours as a child writing and drawing pictures on what I want to become when I grow up. I wanted to be an artist or painter, but then I became a licensed physical-therapist-turned-photographer-and-freelance writer, and it's pretty close, right? I believe that the constant writing helped in the realization of what my younger self wanted me to become. That is why I always encourage my daughter to learn more from handwriting because I believe that in this digital age, the pen is still mightier than the keyboard.

This is exactly why the brilliant people at BIC believe that bright futures are written by hand. BiC® Product(Asia) Pte Ltd, Incorporation with distributor partner in the Philippines- Filstar Distributors Corporation kick off their biggest social campaign in Asia, #BICBrightFutures.

As a champion of education BIC® believes that a bright future is for everyone. As such, BIC will be giving half a million of Stationery products - the biggest donation in Asia to date -  to Children's Hour, Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation and Kariton Klasrum to help kids as they pursue their dreams.

We had a fun day of learning and playing together with the kids from Children's Hour, Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation and Kariton Klasrum at Kidzania Manila last Thursday. An estimated 200 kids participated at the event. The children are encouraged to have fun while exploring the adult world by immersing themselves into role play activities in the play city. Using BIC pens, they will also plot out their goals and dreams in a special BIC Bright Futures workbook.

Efren Penaflorida, an education advocate, teacher and social worker, graced the event to talk to the kids about the importance of going back to school and how it will help them build a brighter future. He also shared five tips on how to achieve their dreams;

1. Believe that you can.
2. Excel in every work.
3. Stand firm on what is true and noble.
4. Think of ways to improve yourself.
5. Do your best in everything that you do.

"Our main focus, since Kariton Klasrum's inception, has always been bout bringing education to less fortunate children. Through this event, we will be able to show them that a bright future is possible for them as long as they plan for it and persevere to achieve it," said Efren Penaflorida.

"We have always believed that bright futures are written by hand. As adults, manyof us have become what we are  today because we put pen to paper and wrote down our ambitions. That act of writing down our aspirations make the dream seem real. Today, we want to inspire less-fortunate children to dream and work for their futures, because after all, everyone deserves a bright future,"said Frederic Dumon, BIC Asia Deputy General Manager.

I'm glad BIC is committed to contribute as much as they can to ensure quality education for all and promote lifelong learning.  Given the crucial role handwriting plays in a child’s literacy development, BIC is keen to keep pens in hand. So momshies, if you’re looking for ways to encourage your kids to make their dreams come true, encourage them to put down the screens and pick up a pen or pencil and write or draw by hand.

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  1. This social campaign does look cute big. The kids seems very interested. They are having fun. I think this kind of social campaigns should be more. Great effort!


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