Five Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy the New OPPO F3 Red Edition

Launched late last week, OPPO just came in with a new color which is the latest addition to F3 series in the Philippines. Enter the shiny new OPPO F3 Red Edition.

Just got mine last week and this fiery red phone is truly a head-turner. I've only been using it for a week and I'm already drowning in happiness. I'm just a little bit obsessed with it right now and I'm trying out all its features because you can't really tell if a phone suits you until you've used it for a while.

What's inside this pretty red box?

I really love the red packaging. Inside the box, there's a data cable, headset, a 10W power adapter, a silicone case, a SIM ejector tool and instruction manual.

Nothing stands out more than red, yes? OPPO F3 was initially offered in Black, Gold and Rose Gold variants. It's a beautiful phone with nice specs and top quality camera sensors. However, I realize that maybe, not everyone should buy this phone. So let me share a few reasons why you should never ever buy it.

Please note: I love sarcasm through writing. It's an art, for reals. Oh, and I'm not a tech blogger so I'm gonna leave all the tech talk, specs and geeky part to the tech bloggers out there. I also hope you like this super detailed review. Yep, it's super detailed, you might miss the point. You, of course, don't have to agree with me but let me explain each really quickly so we're on the same page. So again, here are the reasons why you should not buy this phone:
1. You are filthy rich and you don't care about the price, or you're someone who likes buying overpriced or overrated phones. Either that or you have no fear of missing out on buying stylish phones like OPPO F3 that's totally worth the money. For ordinary citizens like me, I think it's a reasonably priced and dependable mid-range phone with SRP of Php15,990 at Lazada.

2. You're a selfie hater who thinks that the selfie craze will be gone anytime soon (likelihood: 0%) and you burn more of your calories by rolling your eyes on those who love taking selfies. It's a battle between Selfie hater vs. Selfie lover. I'd like to hope you fit snugly into the second category so we can carry on our merry way.  Heaven forbid everyone in the Philippines isn't all cheery, selfie-loving, sugary-sweet goodness, and there are those who don't like capturing their faces (Uh, do you even like yourself?) I have nothing against them and those people who can't stand the sight of people taking selfies though. They might think selfie is a shallow act of vanity but no, it is in no way a desperate cry of attention and hating others isn't going to improve their self esteem. Really.

So to my virtual BFFs and fellow selfie lovers, listen up. The age of app-based beauty has arrived and I'm sure you'll be amazed at how Oppo F3 can raise your Selfie Level from 0 to 10.  Trust me, you'll love the dual selfie camera and the Beautify 4.0 photo editing software that ensures a fresh look with every snap.

How's that for a selfie? Kind of scared to post a lot of before and after selfies online though, because there are some people who think they're better than anyone else and that they're the best critics ever. But thanks to Oppo, I think I now have the courage to do so. This is all love, no hate.

On the left is a picture taken without filter. On the right is a self portrait with the same angle, using Oppo F3's Beautification Level 2. The colors are rich, vivid and occasionally bordering on magical. It's like I have a magic wand tool or something. This, for the record, is what I use on my selfies. It's better than a bunch of filters and make up combo ever made.  My skin looks fairer, smoother and my dark circles and fine lines are gone. This just shows how much your face can change in a split second. No one is perfect 24/7 (I am close to it though obviously as you can see from the second pic. lol) but if you're happy, then that's the most important thing.

Photo credit: Oppo Philippines
3. You like the thrill of using a selfie stick so you can fit the whole squad in one frame. I'm not saying I'm totally against using it but frankly, my dear, you can do better than that. Oppo F3 has an 8-megapixel wide angle front camera, a feature I really like, so you can effortlessly take groufies anytime, anywhere just like Sarah G. No outcasts because no one gets cropped or left behind, because the secondary camera can easily include either a large group inside the picture frame or the background during a memorable trip—all without a selfie stick. Plus, its wide-angle camera has distortion-minimizing features to prevent image warping.

4, You like buying the same, old boring color and design. Or if you just hate red, then I'm sure the Oppo F3 Red would hate to take up space in that plain and simple bag of yours. If you're about to buy one, check out the other colors of Oppo F3 like gold and black. As for me, red is the new black. I love the stunning red color with gold accents. I mean, why not buy something that is as bold as your lipstick that will make you accidentally duckface or on purpose? With Oppo F3 Red, you'll get that extra oomph with an ounce of elegance with  its show-stopping color and design. It's the perfect accessory to spice up any plain outfit and it's a great way to level up your #OOTD.

It is fairly slim and handy. The 5.5 inch display with super slim borders make it super easy to use. It doesn't disappoint in terms of design and aesthetics, so it's perfect for flatlays too.

I also tried listening to a few songs in the playlist using the headset. I really love the Real HD sound which creates a spatial 3D sound arena. It's a great listening experience that's just like being at a live performance.

Oppo F3 beats out other phones every. single. time. Focus is quick in good lighting, and there are lots of filters to choose from.  Macros and photos taken in Double exposure, GIF animation and HDR mode works well too. There's a blur mode too which only works for the front camera and it creates a bokeh effect. Other shooting modes include Time-lapse and Panorama plus, the video for the front and rear cameras is pretty good too.

Here are sample shots from Oppo F3. Look;

Now, here's a person who doesn't run away from my sarcasm, and I just love her for always being my most willing subject.

I guess this should be a Manic Monday vs lazy Sunday post. That's the annoyed-and-wanted-to-be-productive me vs. the addicted-to-Netflix me. Btw, no me's were harmed in the making of these selfies.

5. You don't aspire to be called a Selfie Queen or King. As for me, I really don't mind being called a Selfie Queen as long as I have my own castle. Oppo F3 Red is like a castle, it requires;
  • constant exploration with plenty of windows (it has lots of features, shooting modes and with pre-loaded apps like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WPS Office,etc.) through which you let the light of knowledge in.
  • a bright flag (flash and dual selfie cam) to make you shine and let the world know who you are.
  • a space wide enough for all those who seek the shelter of your friendship aka groufies
  •  ♔ a quiet and peaceful space (No disturb mode ON) that is secured enough (fingerprint and passcode enabled, while having your phone optimised via quick scan) from all kinds of troubles
  • a strong door (The screen is built with 5.5-inch 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 5 with pre-applied protective coating for unmatched durability and scratch-resistance.) that is not just sturdy but elegant (The Theme Store has lots of nice themes and wallpapers to choose from, btw.)
  • a firm foundation without which awesomeness may crumble and one that is built to last (it has 4GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage plus 3200mAH battery which gives me a full day's worth of selfies and groufies.)

I do hereby declare this, Oppo F3 is a smartphone fit for a queen. Long live Oppo F3!

So there you go. I think I just broke my personal record for the most number of sarcasm and selfies in one post. Going for the record again tomorrow.

Now... dude. DUDE. I'm seriously happy to report that Oppo F3 Red is lit. No, I'm not a tech blogger and I'm not an expert but I know a phone when I use one. These are thoughts from someone who feels like a friend rather than an unrelatable "expert".

Actually, I gave up a lot of things when I became a mom. Selfie is not one of them and that is why I love Oppo F3! So if you love taking selfies like me, it's unmistakably a phone to buy and I dare you to give it a try, you may be surprised at what you'll find. Take a moment, if you can, and check out its amazing specs and features at one of the Oppo stores in the mall, it'll be worth your time. The Oppo F3 is now available in selected OPPO stores and Lazada.

What do you think of the new Oppo F3 Red edition? Yay or nay? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Wednesday, guys, and may your day feel as good as taking a perfect selfie on the first try.


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