Six Tips for Moms on How to Protect the Family from Disasters

As a mom of two little humans, it has been hard to focus on work and family with what is going on in the Philippines.Well, I'm referring to the recent series of earthquakes in Batangas, terrorist attacks in Mindanao, typhoons, floods, landslide, as well as man-made disasters such as fire and other emergency situations. These are all hazards the Philippines, one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world, is at risk from.

Glad to know that preparations are underway for the celebration of National Disaster Consciousness Month wherein the government encourages every Filipino family to take action and be prepared for emergency as well as to raise risk awareness. Having said that, I realized I had done very little to prepare my family for big disasters, but I am committed to protecting my children from disaster and I would do anything I possibly can to help my kids feel safe and protected.

Taking care of your family includes being prepared for emergencies. Read on for some tips on how to protect your family when these disasters strike;

1. Secure your family with an emergency plan

The only way to counter these kinds of disasters is to prepare and have a plan in place to ensure your kids are safe and secure. First would be to provide a designated meet-up location if your family has been separated. Second would be a provision of a contact number of your relatives outside of your area. In addition, it would be best to check with your child’s school to find out what emergency plans are in place to help kids stay safe, and make sure all teachers have your contact info.

2.  Prepare an Emergency GO kit for your kids

The Emergency GO kits can help your family be disaster-ready.  Prepare a backpack or any portable bag for each family member with all the basic survival items:

•    Bottled water      •    Dust Mask                       •    Essential hygiene Items
•    First Aid Kit       •    Battery -operated radio      •    Recent child photos and contact info
•    Flashlight           •    Extra batteries                   •    Extra money
•    Whistle              •    Pocket knife /tools             •    Comfort food,snacks and pouches
•    Blankets             •    Games/ puzzles and books to pre-occupy the kids  

My daughter has a GO bag that she takes to school each day. You can prepare a separate GO bag for your child, but it should be easy to carry.  Also, keep an extra kit in your car in case of emergency.

3. Have ample stocks / supplies at home

For moms with babies like me, it's important to stock up on baby-friendly supplies that can last at least 72 hours:

•    Nursing Supplies         •    Vitamins         •    Medical Supplies
•    Formula Milk              •    Baby wipes     •    Antibacterial Ointment
•    Pre-Packaged Food      •    Diapers           •    Child’s Specific Medication

4. Keep calm and carry on

Your kids will look up to you to know how to react to given situations and respond so be aware of your own behavior in times of disaster. Stay calm and comfort your kids without going overboard. A tighter-than-usual hug can make them sense that something is amiss.

5. Knowledge is power; be sure to teach your kids

Make sure your kids  know how to be ready for disasters, and what to do when they happen. Older kids may need to act in an emergency so make sure they know the basic personal information to identify themselves if they get separated from you. They should also know your phone number and the family's designated meeting location, and how to dial 911. Be sure to teach your kids how various signals and warnings look and sound like respectively to better prepare them in each situation. Lastly, practice the "Duck-Cover-Hold" with your kids at home.

6. A simple change can make a world of difference

Make sure the fire extinguisher is easily accessible at home and show your kids where it is and how to use it. More importantly, make sure to use safe cooking gas like Solane and do not leave the stove open and unattended while cooking.  As part of Solane’s Dapat Lang campaign, you can adhere to some values to prevent and protect your family from untoward incident. Dapat lang laging safe and reliable.

Solane Hatid Bahay service ensure your safety with its free 7-point safety check, an exclusive service provided to all Solane LPG home delivery customers. Also, with Solane’s Timbang challenge service and safety cap and seal, product quality and exact weight is assured.

Remember, being prepared is part of who you are, and preparing for a disaster to protect your family is no different.Children are always the most vulnerable when disaster strikes. Their safety, emotional well-being and development are at risk, that is why parents should know how to safeguard their child’s well-being in emergency situations.

To prep my family for the unexpected, I took a whole day to get our emergency kits ready. I hope this inspires you to do the same, and hope you find these tips useful.

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