Say "PWEDE!" to #Dadventures with the help of Johnson’s Milk+Rice and Johnson’s Milk+Oats

Crawl races and tickle fights? Pwede? Yes, pwede! That's what Marian says to Dingdong's rough play with their adorable baby, Zia.

I'm one of those anxious moms who often say "NO" to Dadventures because I can't help but worry that my kids can get hurt when their dad gets too rough. After all, even up to age 7, a child's skin is still developing. That is why proper skincare is needed to avoid getting scrapes and scratches during Dadventures.

Johnson's empowers moms to now fearlessly say “PWEDE!” to #DADVENTURES with the help of Johnson’s®Milk+Rice™ and Johnson’s®Milk+Oats at the #Dadventures Camp headlined by Dingdong Dantes, Marian Rivera and baby Zia.

We went to Johnson’s #Dadventures Camp that was held at Dusit Thani Manila. It was an indoor spectacle complete with wooden camp accents, colorful teepees, and a picnic area where guests gathered to know more about what #Dadventures are and how parents can keep their little ones' skin strong and healthy at all times— so they’re always ready for rough play! Everyone's a happy camper at #Dadventures Camp.

Here are the camp rules:
  1.  Moms, leave your kaba at the door. 
  2.  Let Dad have his fun.
  3.  No saying "No!" to #Dadventures.

The event was hosted by Bettina and Clinton Carlos, who also gave a warm welcome and a brief discussion of the camp guidelines, telling moms to leave all their worries at the door and let the dads have their rough and tumble moments with the kids. “As a single mom, I was really overprotective of Gummy when she was a toddler,” Bettinna shared. “Luckily, my brothers Clinton and Alison were always there to keep the mood fun and play the happy-go-lucky father role to Gummy.”

Johnson’s encourages anxious moms like Bettinna to say “Pwede!” to moments of rough play. The brand lovingly refers to these activities as #Dadventures, special moments of bonding with a father-figure that contribute to a toddler’s happy, healthy development.

‘Camp Counselor’ Professor Perlita De Leon, an expert in Developmental Psychology from UP Diliman, supported this, saying, “Many local and international studies highly encourage rough play because it plays a vital role in a child’s physical, social, and cognitive development.”She cited a statistic, lifted from a global survey, that said that ‘40% of dads are told “NO” by their partners when they start engaging their toddler in rough play’.

While well-intentioned moms who deprive kids of these #dadventure moments might be doing more harm than good. According to Professor De Leon, exposure to new environments and the opportunity for play not only aids in the formation of friendships, it also boosts self-confidence.

Games such as crawl racing and kiddie wrestling strengthen the muscles and aid in the development of fine and gross motor skills. Through the use of tools that encourage a bit of problem solving, cognitive functions are nurtured. She clarified that “The benefits of #dadventures are can be gotten even if play is led a brother, an uncle, even mom herself – as long as the person exhibits the same behaviors and mindset traditionally displayed by “dad”.

To equip moms with the knowledge to ensure that #dadventures are safe, Dr. Loverna Arcilla Suratos, MD, FPDS emphasized that it is important for toddlers to have strong and healthy skin.

“The skin is your first layer of defense against environmental irritants. Young skin – even up to age 7 – is still developing. In fact, a child’s skin is 30% thinner than an adult’s and therefore still weak and prone to irritation, scrapes, and scratches. By keeping your little one’s skin nourished, you can help it become stronger, more elastic, and more resilient to scrapes and scratches,” Dr. Suratos shared.

She recommended to resist the temptation to switch to family bar soaps that can further weaken skin and to continue use of mild liquid washes and lotions that contain powerful nourishing ingredients. Oats, for example, contain avenamethrides, a naturally-occurring compound that has properties that protect against skin irritation. Products that contain milk and rice are often fortified with vitamins that help keep skin not just soft and smooth, but, more importantly, strong, healthy, and ready for #dadventures.

Coming from Dr. Suratos’ recommendations on what ingredients to look for in a skincare product, Ria Gatmaitan, SeniorBrand Manager of Johnson’s®,revealed that the Johnson’s® Milk range contains precisely those ingredients Dr. Suratos recommended, citing the Milk Proteins sourced from European cows, Colloidal Oats, and Rice Extracts found in each formula.

Johnson’s®Milk+Rice™ is fortified with 200% more skin vitamins and Johnson’s®Milk+Oats™ locks in moisture for up to 24 hours so that skin feels strong and healthy after just one use. She ended her talk by encouraging moms to be fearless when it comes to allowing rough play and to say “PWEDE!” to #Dadventures with the help of JOHNSON’S Milk+Rice and Milk+Oats.

To demonstrate the efficacy of JOHNSON’S®Milk range, celebrity mom Marian Rivera applied these products to Zia’s skin before visiting the different camp stations. “JOHNSON’S® baby talaga ako ever since! I use it on myself and on Zia kasi tried-and-tested brand na talaga siya at palaging may bago.”

Dingdong Dantes and Zia were the first pair who tried the various #Dadventure Camp activities before the rest of the guests followed. Dingdong proudly said that the kinds of tasks they accomplished at each station are similar to how they play at home. “Pagod but it’s very worth it. I truly support #Dadventures, for I know it will make Zia more sociable and bonded with me, just like how my dad and I were,” shared Dingdong.

Superstar Marian Rivera was of course present all throughout the event to cheer for her husband and kid. Asked how Marian felt while Dingdong and Zia were playing, she said, “Sa totoo lang, I’m the stricter parent and hindi talaga ako masyado pumapayag sa rough play noon. But knowing Zia’s skin is protected with Johnson’s®, aba, pwedeng-pwede na talaga mag-#Dadventure sang mag-ama ko. Dati kala ko mild lang or nakaka-ganda lang ang Johnson’s Milk, ‘yon pala nakakapagpatibay din siya ng skin.”

Take it from the Dantes family and say “PWEDE!” to #Dadventures with Johnson’s® Milk+Rice™ and Johnson’s® Milk+Oats™ baby bath and baby lotion. Available in leading supermarkets, drug stores, and department stores nationwide.



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