On Healthy Options' All-Natural Eggs, Gluten-Free Diet, Binge Eating, and More

Going gluten-free this week and can feel the difference already. After experiencing fatigue, bloating, anxiety, acne and lots of other gastro-intestinal symptoms, I think this is the way forward. Wish me luck in cutting out all gluten.

I know that going gluten-free is a serious and significant commitment, so I did my research and had some tests in advance. I found out that barley is the root cause of  my digestive symptoms. Another cause may be because I'd been watching Netflix while binge eating a lot lately. I used to sit down and watch an entire season at once, and finish a bag of chips and chocolate bar at the same time. Yes, I admit I'm guilty of the binge-watch, binge-eat scenario.

So, step aside, wheat and barley. Hit the road, gluten-free diet.

FYI, a gluten-free diet isn’t a weight loss diet, it’s a lifestyle change intended to improve digestive health issues of those people who are either celiac, intolerant, or see gluten-free life as a lifestyle choice. For some, it's a fad, but for us, it's a necessity.

Oh, and if you are into pastries like me, but would want to observe a gluten-free diet, then Healthy Options is the best place you can be. They have a dedicated gluten-free section and they offer gluten-free treats such as cookies, biscuits, and more!

Chocolate chip cookies without gluten and hardly any sugar? It exists! I found a box  of chunky Chocolate chip cookies at Healthy options and they're so good you'll forget they're gluten free! So yep, you can satisfy your pastry cravings while still being health-conscious.

Also, I received a package from Healthy Options with gluten-free products and all-natural eggs! They may not look like common eggs many are used to, but the all-natural eggs that you find at Healthy Options are a healthy and scrumptious upgrade to your kitchen.

So what makes these all-natural eggs different?

The difference lies with the source. The free-range hens are grown naturally in spacious farms where they can freely roam and carry out their chicken behaviors (pecking, nesting, scratching etc).

Instead of chemical-laden grains or feeds with animal byproducts, a combination of healthy forage and vegetarian feed comprise of our hens’ diet, allowing them to lay eggs with thicker shells and robust flavor. Plump yolks, and a thick albumen are a mark of quality and freshness.

“Quality food and living conditions are essential to producing quality eggs,” Bangkas added. “Eggs are sourced from hens that live in a clean and spacious environment where they can freely forage for worms, insects, and plants. In turn, we get to enjoy tasty eggs that come from happy hens.”

Delivered to the stores fresh with a shelf life of up to one month in the chiller, find these all-natural eggs at the following Healthy Options branches: Trinoma, SM City North Edsa, Robinsons Magnolia, Eastwood City, SM Megamall, Shangri-La Plaza, Glorietta 2, Greenbelt 5, Rustan’s Makati, Powerplant Mall, SM City Manila, SM Aura, Alabang Town Center, Festival Supermall, and Solenad 3 Nuvali.

Remember, health is wealth. So, invest on your health. :)

For more details, visit www.healthyoptions.com.ph.



  1. Ako as much as possible, I eat light foods and more on water tlga kasi I wanna loose some weight po tlga kaso sa sobrang dami ko ginagawa, malakas po tlga tama sakin ng gutom! I eat po ng ganyang eggss, fresh eggs po tlga galing sa inahing manok namin.

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