Get it K-Beauty at Watsons

Like many of you guys, I'm a HUGE fan of Korean skincare. That is why I was so excited when I found out that there's a specialized K-Beauty corner in over 150 Watsons stores in Metro Manila!

Yep, you heard it right. Watsons is now the one-stop shop for everyone's K-Beauty needs. No need to order online or travel to Korea to hoard their tried and tested Korean Beauty products! So, whether you’re looking for a better skincare regimen, a K-beauty junkie, or simply wanting to update a product, you can find a very good line-up of K-Beauty products at Watsons that are sure to be a game-changer for anyone.

Among the famous K-Beauty products to watch out for are JayJun, 23 years old, Cosrx, April Skin, Scinic, SNP, Bling Some and MeFactory.

From cleansing, pore solutions, beauty masks and cosmetics, K-Beauty products are fun, easy to use and not to mention today's make-up craze. They brighten your face, and in time, give you flawless complexion and youthful looking skin.  Try these K-Beauty products now available in select Watson K-Beauty sections or through Lazada.

I love trying out facial masks so it's a good thing that there are different types of facial masks at Watsons, even the super cute animal design masks like Panda and Tiger! Applying the mask is super easy, you just look really silly or “scary” as my daughter says.

I tried the Badecasil Dermaseal Mask from 23yearsold and it’s the easiest way to mask and show your skin some extra love.  It is intended for those who have troubled skin. It is the ultimate fit mask so it fits onto and around my face pretty nicely, and I love the cooling effect. Best part, it sinks into my dry skin without any sticky afterfeel. The mask material itself is a thin piece that feels soft but wet enough to wear comfortable for the entire 15 mins. You may stretch it out to 20 mins, but I would not recommend more as the sheet will dry out pretty quickly. After using the mask, my skin felt so refreshed, it was smooth, hydrated, and had a nice glow!

Also, I'll definitely more of these Purederm Collagen Make-up Remover Cleansing towelettes soon! It's one of the first things I pack when I'm on the go during my travels.

There's more to K-beauty than facial masks, that is why you need to try other products like Blingsome Tinted Brush Liner, Cathy Doll Lip Smile and iWhite Facial Wash. Other brands include Etude House, Tony Moly, Holika Holika, iWHite, Deoproce, Yumei Mise, Cathy Doll, Leaders InSolution, Ciracle and Organic surge. These are just a few products that I'm getting at the moment and you should snap them up, too.

The Korean skincare routine can be an exhaustive multiple-step process. I'm pretty sure K-beauty junkies already know this. There's double cleansing, toning, boosting, using an essence followed by serums and a face mask, applying an eye cream and moisturizer, and sunscreen to finish. Whew!

It may sound extreme, but different products such as cleansers, serums, masks and moisturizers serve different functions. And by layering, you can get hydrating, cleansing, oil-controlling, pore-minimizing, and anti-aging benefits all at once.

Go on and try out these beauty products and see the benefits yourself. Head over to any Watsons stores. Get It K-Beauty products are also available in SM Beauty Stores nationwide.  For more K-beauty, check out Watsons' Facebook page.

How many of you have tried K-beauty products before? What did you like about it? Let me know in the comments below.



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