Robinsons Selections' Wine and Liquor Festival 2016

The holidays, including Christmas, are the perfect time to pull out your favorite bottles of festive wines that is sure to warm the soul.  For many, it’s a long month of fun and entertainment, and the risk of palate fatigue can be very real.

That is why I'm glad I attended the Wine and Liquor Festival 2016 at Robinsons Selections in McKinley Hill! They have the best red, white, sweet, champagne and sparkling wines for every taste and budget. Seriously. Robinsons Selections' most festive wine selection has everything you might need for Christmas, from well-priced supermarket bottles of beers to high-end sumptuous, sweet and fortified wines.

The Wine & Spirits section of Robinsons Selections offers a wide range of high quality wines and spirits, beer and champagnes. It's the perfect place to explore the world's favourite Wine & Spirit brands - Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker, Moet & Chandon, Belvedere, a fine selection of wines from across the world, and much more. Ms. Aja Totanes of Robinsons Selections shared their fine selection of wines and spirits while we sipped our wine and digged in to some of the best gourmet food around.

They say a bottle of red wine goes wonderfully with cheese or chorizo as an appetizer. As for me, any food, even nuts or a bar of chocolate, goes well with any kind of wine. And when buying a sweet wine, I always go for something light and delicate. After all, life's too short to drink bad wine.

Robinsons Selections' Wine and Liquor Festival showcased their wide selection of wines for those who enjoy great food, fine wine, good spirits, craft beer and lively music. Having said that, we enjoyed unlimited pours of wine, beer, and cocktails and tastes. From the level of wine knowledge I have, I'm glad I've learned something new about wines from a short talk about wine tasting techniques by renown tastemakers and wine experts.

From vodka to a sensational Frisse, Robinsons Selections has sweet and fortified wines for all. They have delightful selections carefully chosen for you to share with the most special people in your life. So if you are celebrating a Christmas party soon, better head to Robinson's Selections and buy yourself a bottle of wine. Also, it’s always worth stocking up on a few fortified and sweet wines. Enjoy!

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Oh wait, it's wine o'clock! BRB.


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