7 Christmas Gifts Below P500 from SM Stationery That Everyone Will Love

Like, really love.

'Tis the season for Holiday gift-giving and it's all about showing loved ones that you really care, so the thought of digging deep in your pocket with an expensive yet thoughtful gift is appealing. However, budget can also be an issue.

This holiday season, it should not be a problem because there is no need to wait for a sale to find some bargain goods with a 500-peso budget. Seriously, gifts aren’t that hard to find when you know where to look. Have you tried looking at SM Stationery? It's inside the SM Department Store of almost every SM malls, where you can find the perfect gifts for your loved ones and I'm sure that even you will be shocked by what you can buy below P500.

We went shopping for Christmas gifts at SM Stationery in SM Marikina last weekend. Having said that, I'd like to share with you guys, a compilation of the ones I think would make wonderful gifts this season while keeping your budget in mind.

Check out the gifts that won't go over and beyond P500:

1. Rechargeable Novelty Fans (Php199.75)

This is the perfect gift for a friend who is always on the go. A portable fan that delivers the cool breeze and not only does it help cool you down, it's very convenient and easy to use. Even my daughter loves the super cute colors and designs. So go grab one for the little ones, because the kids in your life deserve a little bit of treat too, even if they don't ask you to buy stuff for them, including this portable fan that doubles as quirky room decor.

2.   Headset (P149.75) and Headphone (P349.75)

If you have a friend or boyfriend who is absolutely, positively crazy about music, this headphone or headset is the perfect gift. It looks way more expensive than it actually is. Comfortable and sweet-sounding to boot, I'm sure he'll love the colors and designs plus, it's something you'll see him wear with love for years.

3.  Cute Wallet (P129.75) and Pouch (P199.75)

Purr-fect for your little sister or friend who loves all things cute and Kitty cat! These are super pretty so be sure to nab one.

4.  Neck pillow (P249.75)

A soft, soothing neck pillow is a great gift option for someone who loves to travel. Actually, I want to buy one for myself. Having said that, you know it's a good gift when you want the item for yourself, too.

5.  Tote Bag (P199.75)

I love the vibrant hues and playful prints that add personality to this classic, everyday bag and it's a tote-ally cute and useful gift for your shopaholic friends! What makes this gift even cooler is that they can use it for outings, a trip to the grocery store, a day at the beach, and a lot more. Here are the other designs that I love:

Tote bags (P249.75)
Organizer bags and pouches (P149.75-P249.75)
Kikay or makeup kit for only P129.75

6. The ABCs of Journaling by Abbey Sy (P350)

I highly recommend buying this for your crafty and art-savvy friend who loves journals, stamps, arts & crafts. Head over to the Handicraft section and take your pick of these gifts you're dreaming of giving (or receiving) this season. Also, you can be creative and have it personalized for your gift-giving needs.

7. Super cute pencil cases (P149.75)

Believe me, SM Stationery has the best and cutest collections of pencil cases and pouches. I bought one as a gift for a friend who I remember thinking it was too cute to use.

Oh, and they have pretty pens too! So if you're going to gift someone the only pen-and-pencil case combo they'll have in their life, then make sure it's this cute.

I hope these fun and unique finds will help you take care of some, if not everyone, on your holiday list. I swear, there's a lot of super cute finds below 500 at SM Stationery that are certified to bring them delight this Christmas. Remember that a simple gift, even though it's not an expensive one, will definitely be appreciated. Lastly, whatever it is you’re buying, make sure you give it with love.

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