Fight Bad Breath with Colgate Total Pro Breath Health

Bad breath can be an embarrassing problem. I guess nobody ever talks about it because it’s too awkward. Being a blogger and photographer, I always go out to meet clients, attend events,cover birthdays and weddings. Having said that, being able to exchange ideas, brainstorm and have a conversation with other people is a must. Sometimes I talk too much, until I notice that the back of my tongue feels dry. So dry that it makes me feel self-conscious and I don't want to continue our conversation any more, until the person I'm talking to offers a chewing gum. I’m not even sure if it’s out of kindness or it's a way of telling me I have bad breath without hurting my feelings.

That's when I realized that bad breath and relationships don't mix. Believe it or not, it can ruin relationships, be it social, intimate or personal. It has a negative impact in your life, as well as those around you. Sometimes you may not realize there's a problem until you suspect it, and have the courage to ask someone who will give you an honest answer without making fun of you. On second thought, maybe that’s not a good idea, after all. 

That is why I did some research in Google and found out that bad breath is due to a reduced flow of saliva. When the tongue is drier, the bacteria builds up. Also, bacteria breaks down the food we eat and release VSCs or Volatile Sulfuric Compounds. And you don't want those noxious VSCs, which cause most bad breath. The waste released by these bacteria are the primary source of these compounds. This is the reason the dentist always tells us to brush daily! Last but not the least, I've learned that bad breath is one of the signals on oral problems, which is why it's important to fight bad breath before it builds up.  

I've tried my so-called “quick fix” like constantly chewing gums and eating mints, though this doesn't help for long. I also used cosmetic breath freshening products like mouthwash and sprays but these didn't help either. 

Thankfully, I was pleased to find this new product as a solution to control bad breath from the root cause. And that, my friend, is the Colgate Total Pro Breath Health. It has a unique antibacterial formula, with Odor control technology, that fights bad breath bacteria in the whole mouth for up to 12 hours.  

 Yep. It gives whole mouth protection which means it fights bacteria in the whole mouth including the teeth, tongue, cheeks, and gums. Also, it's the first Total variant with speckles in Asia.

It comes in two sizes; 65g at P75, and 110g at P99.  For full product information, visit

Aside from research, I also did a mini social experiment with my husband. We tried brushing our teeth once in the morning with a regular toothpaste and Colgate Total Pro Breath Health separately for two consecutive days. On the first day, we used a regular toothpaste and we noticed that we had the fresh-mouth feel for the first few hours in the morning but it quickly disappears after lunch. On the second day, we used Colgate Total Pro Breath Health and we were amazed that the freshness lasts from morning until dinner. Which is why I therefore conclude that Colgate Total Pro Breath Health is so much better than a regular toothpaste which only masks the odor for a few hours. For true & lasting freshness, you need Colgate Total Pro Breath Health to  fight bacteria all over the mouth.

Indeed, good oral hygiene makes life less awkward. It’s refreshing to know that after using Colgate Total Pro Breath Health, I'm always fresh breath ready and I have regained my confidence plus,  I no longer dread talking or meeting new people. For me, that alone is a life-changing event. 

To end everything on an up-note, Colgate conducted a social  experiment in which millenials were asked to participate in a surprise Colgate Total Pro Breath Challenge wherein they need to get their breath checked by a stranger. Watch the video to find out how people would respond when faced with a similar situation.

If bad breath is ruining your life or straining relationships with friends and family, you owe it to yourself to try Colgate Total Pro Breath Health. Seriously, it's worth a try and you are one step closer to never falling prey to bad breath, and living a more confident life. 

Which is why I’ve partnered up with Colgate to give two lucky winners a pack of 5 Colgate Total Pro Breath Health of their own to brighten up their smiles! I want to hear your #ColgateTotalProBreathHealth Confession or most embarrassing "bad breath" story. Tell me via the comments below to gain an entry. To gain additional entries, complete the additional tasks via the Rafflecopter widget. No purchase necessary. Contest ends on December 7, 2016. Good luck,guys! 

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