Christmas Gift Idea: Tea's the Season to Fill your Cup with Basilur Tea

A life without tea is no life at all, which rings especially true during the holidays. To celebrate the most joyful time of the year, Basilur Tea is steeping happiness in decorative tin cans.

Actually, I'm drinking it now.

What's not to love about tea? I love drinking tea because it has many health benefits such as prevention of cancers, high blood pressure and heart diseases. Also, it has a magical power to preserve youthfulness in your complexion by reducing wrinkles and all other vexing signs of aging. What's more, regular consumption of tea has proven to build a high density of bone minerals which in turn helps to keep your bones healthy and strong.

Not only that, a cup (or cups) of tea is a 100% natural drink that contains No Calories, Carbonates, Sodium or Fats. It can burn fats naturally while increasing the metabolism, effectively preventing you from gaining weight. Which means you can enjoy the holidays without the weight gain. Yay! Aside from weight loss, it has a calming effect that will surely warm your hearts this Christmas and take the stress out of your holiday shopping.

Healthy for the body and warming to the soul, the colorful range of exquisite Teabook Collection is the perfect gift to share the joys of Christmas. Whether you know someone who is a casual sipper or a tea devotee, the gift of top-notch teas is sure to please.

Basilur tea was born in the land of Sri Lanka which produces the world's finest tea. So, what's so special about tea from Sri Lanka?

  • Ethnically produced. Formerly known as Ceylon, it possesses the perfect climatic and soil conditions to grow this noble herb, which boasts of a 5000 year old history. 
  • Ozone-friendly tea
  • All tea leaves are handpicked
  • Orthodox method of manufacturing teas,  which takes time and better teas are produced in the process.

Taking the packaging to new heights, Basilur offers tea and herbal infusions in high-quality, decorative metal tin caddies with unmatched and unique shapes. Having said that, I can't think of a better gift than the Basilur’s Teabag Collection. Each has 32 tea bags with 4 variants. Trust me, it's the perfect Christmas gift for someone you love because it gives a luxurious, unique tea drinking experience.

Check out the fabulous options for everyone which you can buy instantly online at

My personal foiled tea bag favorites from the Magic Fruits Collection are Strawberry & Kiwi and Mango & Pineapple flavors. What you get is a refreshing cup of tea that is exceptionally blended with the sweet, subtle flavors of berries and other fruits in it.

If that testimonial and its beautiful packaging don't convince you it's a brilliant Christmas gift idea. I don't know what will. To learn more about their collection, check out their:

Spread the love this Christmas with a cup of good cheer. For orders and inquiries, contact Basilur Tea at (02) 738-6655 or (02) 577-2390. Here's the list of stores:

BRB. Time for tea and my favorite champorado with chia seeds!


Any comments, my dear?