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I believe that the moment you become a mom, you would not want to be anybody else. However, for some reason, we do not often spend time with our kids. Perhaps we're too busy and tired from work or stress. Yasss, the struggle is real. That is why getting your mind off work is always helpful, and it's always good to take a break. I really needed to remember this because I never take any "me" time, and my me time usually turns into playtime with my kids. Do you enjoy spending "playtime" with your kids? Well, my dear, you should be because that’s exactly what today’s post is all about!

I, for one, absolutely love "playtime" and some of the best times I’ve had are ones where I’ve been in no one else’s company but my kids. I always enjoy hanging out with them at home, and I equally love going shopping for educational toys. Believe it or not, I find that I’m more productive and relaxed when I'm with them, even if it means being just as silly as my kiddos.

However, being an OC mom, I always make sure to clean our hands with ‪‎Biogenic Alcohol‬ after playing to be protected and safe against germs and viruses.  Actually, I can honestly see myself becoming into a serial Biogenic hoarder aka Biogenic mom. It is, of course, a mainstay inside our home, car and even in my nappy bag.

Speaking of Biogenic and playtime stories, we went to the My Biogenic World: Playtime Discoveries event at Market! Market last Sunday.  It was an afternoon of fun and loads of learning, and it opened up a world all of us would want our children to explore!

In this time and age of gadgets, mobile games like Pokemon Go and internet surfing, it's just refreshing to watch a child, be a child! I guess as parents, we should let them discover new exciting things or else, the gadgets will take over their lives before we know it.

The kids enjoyed fun-filled games and activities such as the Build and Play, Water and Sand, the Inflatable Castle, Kids At Art and the Biogenic Train. I love the fact that bottles of Biogenic alcohol were readily available to disinfect the little ones' hands after playing.

Plus, we got freebies and personalized bag tags after completing all the fun play activities. Aside from enjoying a day full of playtime discoveries with my kids, we also had a chance to catch one of the inspiring mommy speakers, Nikki Tiu, who plays so many roles in her life as a Beauty/Lifestyle Blogger, HR Consultant, professional Make-up Artist, hands-on and very busy mom, but I think the role that suits her best is that of being a MOMMY! She's an amazing mom and she's probably the most down to earth person I've ever met.

Also, it's amazing how in spite of her busy schedule and the many hats she wears, she still finds time to bond with her son. She gave a very inspiring talk to fellow moms and shared some ways on how a busy mom can still spend time with her kids, emphasizing the importance of using Biogenic alcohol in protecting the kids from germs and bacteria between bonding activities.

She explained that to be able to do all these, we need to prioritize our kids, even beyond the reaches of stress-dom. I really related with her on so many different levels and I learned many ways on how to really bond and spend quality time with the kids. Here are some of those lessons that I will take with me through my own journey as a mom;
  • Start by having a clean home.
  • Keep the environment clean before any bonding activity.
  • Have an alcohol ready on-hand so you can sanitize between bonding activities.
  • Acknowledge your weakness. Cue music: I'm not a super woman...Yes, moms can be tired at times, and that's okay. 
  • Create little rituals or everyday bonding activities. Like for instance, doing sit-ups and push-ups with your kids as the weights, or even as simple as praying with them or brushing their teeth.
  • Bond with them with 100% attention. (I repeat, 100%. Not 10, not 50, but 100.)
  • Listen to them, watch them closely, be silly!
  • Have a special date with your kid.
  • Create a special language or family song.
  • If you're super busy, seek help. 

Celebrity mom, Danica Sotto-Pingris, graced the event with a song number and shared her parenting experience as well.

Thanks to the beautiful mommy speakers, I learned a lot about this crazy but wonderful life that is motherhood and the event was everything I expected it to be and more. I can't wait for more exciting playtime discoveries with my little ones and I look forward to the day I see my own kids accomplish their dreams in life.

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