Back-to-School Shopping at SM Stationery

Yay! It’s back-to-school season again! Are you all set for back-to-school rush? Classes will officially start in a few weeks, but it's never too late to think about back-to-school shopping. I understand there seems to be no easy way to think of shopping for school supplies. It's a tough job but someone's gotta do it. :)

This time of year can be very stressful for most parents. Obviously, the cost can be astronomical and it can wreak havoc on our wallets. Between the punishingly high tuition fee, backpacks, shoes, basic school supplies and uniforms, the expenses add up quickly.

Got some ideas that will help keep everyone's sanity intact? Well, one way to save is to shop as early as possible to take advantage of the back-to-school sales, for us to avoid the back-to-school blues. And if you want stress-free shopping, there is only one place to go to..

Stationery at the SM Store.

Why SM Stationery, you ask? Because, "here at SM, we've got it all for you" and though there are still a throng of shoppers wiggling their way through, it’s considerably more convenient to shop at the SM Store because it is easier to spot the items you need and it brings a whole new meaning to back-to-school shopping.

Well, I am getting exhausted just thinking of books & notebooks I have to cover but as an OC mom, I take back-to-school shopping seriously. That's why I'm glad I was able to squeeze in a few hours to shop for school supplies with my daughter at SM Stationery in SM North Edsa last weekend.

From pens and pencils to notebooks and pads, it is important to always look for the sale items because it might be worth the money saved.

Check out this back-to-school deal, and oh is it a good one: an all-in-one school pack for only P299! It includes all the basic school supplies like folder, crayons, pads, pencils, notebook, ruler, sharpener, etc. 

Plus, notebook packs for only P100 and colorful pencil cases for P69.75.

If you're one of those last-minute shoppers searching for quality school items at very affordable prices. Use as much of your budget as possible so you won't have to scramble to spend too much money in the end. There is no reason to buy school supplies at full price, if you can buy them today at 50% off  or with a cheaper price.  :)

The SM Store is definitely my favorite shopping destination because of its expansive selection of products. Stationery carries the best brands in the market, offering high-quality products at affordable and competitive prices. Shopping for supplies at Stationery is convenient and its ambiance has a world-class feel.  It is less crowded and the aisles are much wider plus the fact that it is air-conditioned where you can shop comfortably.

Whether or not you're hitting the mall this week, take notes on the season's smartest and trendiest school items at SM Stationery.

You’ll find everything here and it offers wide range of School Supplies, Writing Instruments, Art Supplies, Paper Products, Office Supplies, Filing and Storage, Business Machines, Digital Storage, Cartridges and Ink, Books and Magazines, Albums Plaques and Frames and Gift Wrapping and Accessories. Product assortment is from basic to stylish and fashionable supplies.

So yaaas, for your kids’ back-to-school items, rest assured SM Stationery has them— from art supplies, stylish bags for elementary or high schoolers, books, notebooks, writing materials, even calculators and computer accessories. The best part is that they are all of good quality and come at very affordable prices.

My favorite section, of course, is where you can find the super cute and fun stuff..

Allow me, instead, to show you these cute electric sharpeners, simply because it makes Maia happy... Adorbs! I found all sorts of cuteness and these make sharpening quick and easy. Remember, a sharpened pencil and a dream can take you anywhere so invest in high quality sharpeners for better drawings.

You don't have to get your purse in pink or peach owlish design, but I would!

Going back to school is more exciting with these lovely notebooks and colorful pens!

I just love these assorted design pens and pencils. I'm hoping that maybe, just maybe, Maia won't lose her pencils if they're this cute. 

Looking for gifts? Get a basket, add travel items, and you have made a great gift. Cute, fun, practical. You're welcome. :)

Also, something just made me realize that the frame Maia had admired and bought from SM Stationery looks exactly the same thing that I'd admired at my friend's house for a long time. Nostalgic, really.

Oh, and it brings back my love for stationery and stamp sets that are cute enough to bring back snail mail. Yep, snail mail was quite intoxicating prior to the net. The anticipation. The smell of perfume on the letter, signed, sealed and delivered with love. Well, I'm about to just ditch Facebook, email, technology and have myself go back to snail mail. But, that takes time, intention + effort.

So yep, I will never stop feeling giddy like my daughter about back-to-school shopping. One easy shopping tip I can share: it will be a whole lot convenient on your end by bringing your own “to-buy” list to effectively cut shopping time. Doing so allows you to enjoy more of your own shopping experience at SM Stationery when you can finish your back-to-school shopping first for your kids, and then finally buy cute and fun items for yourself. :)

For more information about SM Stationery, visit their website:

Have you finished shopping for your kids' school supplies? Tell me about it. No really, in the comments..  :)


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