Creative Ways To Rock Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Loopholes

You probably already know that a pair of Chucks is a closet essential. It goes with everything, and is likely the item with the most potential for outfit/OOTD versatility. But if you're a mom like me who's struggling with styling a daughter who doesn't want to look like everyone else, take a look at some of the creative ways down below that prove that a pair of Chucks can be a whole lot more fun, comfier and cooler than ever.

We attended the launch of the all-new Kids Chuck Taylor All Star Loopholes collection for girls
yesterday at Jumpyard, the first and largest trampoline parks in the Philippines. Its high-flying, adrenaline-rushing attractions gave us a one-of-a-kind experience as we discovered the amazing world of Chuck Taylor All Star Loopholes.

First-time jumpers wore a pair of special grip socks with a rubber grip to prevent slipping on the trampoline. Maia had an awesome experience at Jump Yard as she jumped into foam pits, climbed and more!

It was truly a one of kind experience for kids, teens, and kids at heart! Then, we watched a demo of different lacing ideas for Maia's new kicks!

Complete with a loophole loom tongue design and two additional laces for endless customization, it sports a low-top, slip on design and they're easy to style, fun and fresh. With the new Chuck Taylor All Star Loopholes, girls will be able to lace any way they can dream up and create their own unique designs with colorful shoelaces and a multitude of pattern options. It offers endless possibilities and hours of fun! Well, we had so much fun lacing them, I just had to share with you.

The best part of the new Converse Loopholes is coming up with fun ways to lace them. I love how it allows girls to creatively express themselves in a unique, do-it-yourself way with colorful laces and a multitude of pattern options.  With the introduction of the new silhouette, girls will be inspired to be the next generation of dreamers, thinkers and creatives.

Created exclusively for girls, the Converse Kids Chuck Taylor All Star Loopholes offers endless customization and it takes Do-It-Yourself to the next level. You can have fun with its multiple laces that can be tied in any number of ways! Say, you can do crisscross, overlap, braid, twist, double-up, weave, zigzag, pigtail, and many more.

Check out this video on my YouTube channel to learn some of the fun and creative ways to lace Converse Loopholes;

It is the perfect way to show off your daughter's style amongst her friends. Much like a friendship bracelet, girls will be able to lace up their sneakers to match their friends or create their own unique designs.

The sneakers also have a slip-on construction that makes for an easy on/off for any girl who is ready to play outside. Also, these chucks are great for kids who love to wear their shoes just a little differently.

Don't miss out the fun, and get your daughter a pair of Converse Kids Chuck Taylor All Star Loophole. It is now available in Black-Pink color for only Php 2,650.00 at Converse shops. Visit Converse Philippines on Facebook or for more Converse sneakers.

Obviously, Maia's loving the Chuck Taylor All Star Loopholes! How would you lace yours?



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  2. Perfect for my daughter m0mma! Love it! She loves wearing sneakers.


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