The Best Scents of Style from the New Downy Parfum Collection with Folded & Hung

Stop and smell the roses..

If you're like me, you probably never really thought much about the fragrance of a rose except if the scent is faint, or how nice it is. Sometimes, it's good to be reminded to stop stressing, slow down and take some time to appreciate the good things in life. I was at Glorietta Activity Center yesterday, snapping standout moments from the launch of the new variants of Downy Parfum Collection and I was treated to a "scentsual" journey.

Indeed, Downy knows (nose?) best. Its fragrance will make you feel like love is in the air and you can actually smell it, literally!

Then it hit me: Style does the same thing. When you get lost in the wonderful world of fashion, you engage your sense of sight, sound, maybe even touch.. so why not scent? Enter #FHDownyParfum Scents of Style, a collaboration between Downy Parfum Collection and Folded & Hung.

Read on for the latest collection of Folded & Hung inspired by the Downy Parfum Collection variants. Also, find out which scent suits your style and how you can spend the mid week by looking on fleek!

Here, some of the pieces I gleaned from the collection;

From the LBD to the LRD, there's a perfect scent from the Downy Parfum Collection to go with it. I just love the long-lasting scent experience on my clothes and it's just like I'm wearing fine fragrances.

Downy unveiled a new collection of four scents; Fusion that balances woody and floral notes, Mystique captivates with the allure of mystery while Passion mesmerizes the senses with its irresistible scent. Romance has an enchanting blend of floral, citrus and earthy aromas while Timeless is perfect with its creamy, floral fragrance.

And yes, these will all be on the test.

Aptly named Romance Style Collection, guys top it off with a fedora for a more personalized look while ladies look "on fleek" with nude shoulder-pencil skirt neoprene ensemble.

One of the highlights of the event was a Style Talk with award-winning lifestyle blogger/fashion stylist, Jenni Epperson. She shared about the relevance of Downy Parfum Collection in one's daily lifestyle through activities that influences one's Scents of Style.

"The sense of smell is the strongest sense. It has a powerful effect in the behavior. Same with our choice of clothes, that has an effect on our happiness levels and it can improve or affect our mood. Thus, knowing what kind of scents and style of clothes are important to enhance mood," Jenni shared.

Fashion blogger, Krissy, was picked and styled on the spot by Jenni herself with the new Downy Parfum Collection in mind. We saved the best for last for a quick portrait photo. :)

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