Knorr Launches Lutong Nanay Nutrition Program on World Food Day

Knorr, a brand committed to bringing flavor to people’s lives, unveiled the Lutong Nanay Nutrition Program, an integrated movement grounded on the insight that a sustainable way to alleviate malnutrition is through mom’s cooking. The multi-sectoral program is done in partnership with key NGOs and government entities.

According to the Food Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) of the DOST, there are at least 5 million malnourished children in the Philippines and this continues to be a leading concern in the country.  While poverty is seen as an evident driver, the lack of adequate knowledge on nutrition amongst Filipinos is also a leading cause of continued malnutrition in the Philippines. Malnutrition can be addressed when adequate knowledge is gained by the primary influencer in every child’s nutrition – moms.

As Ms. Lilibeth Dasco, Senior Research Specialist of FNRI aptly said “When the target [in battling malnutrition] is only the children, there is hardly any statistical difference that is made. That is why the new target should be made to mothers and women of reproductive age.”

Feed, Teach, Make It Last

The Lutong Nanay Nutrition Program is one that aims to make nutritious meals accessible and sustainable for every child to grow by educating and empowering the key influencer of the child’s nutrition – their mothers. Knorr continues on with its long- term commitment to alleviate malnutrition in the country through a 3-step model of Feed Teach and Make It Last.

In Feed, Knorr continues its wide-scale feeding programs with its school-based and community-based programs, through its partnership with World Food Programme&KabisigngKalahi.
With Teach, Knorr provides recipe booklets to key barangays teaching moms not only affordable & nutritious dishes they can prepare at home but also the value of nutrition. The recipes developed are suitable for a family of 3 to 5 and are all below 100 pesos.
In Make It Last, Knorr champions supporting moms in setting up their own businesses via a livelihood development module

In the Philippines, Knorr has aided 600,000 malnourished children in various barangays and communities, through its partnerships with WFP and Kabisig ng Kalahi. With WFP, Knorr is able to reach conflict stricken areas in Mindanao through their school-based feeding programs. This is a feeding of a warm meal every day for the entire school year.

With Kabisig ng Kalahi, the program teaches mothers in communities how to cook nutritious meals daily under 6-month module, and also teaches them the value of nutrition for their child’s growth. To date, the program has one of the highest success rates of 99% in bringing children out of malnutrition and its commitment of over a decade proves that it is truly sustainable.

With the program’s 3- step model, the program is not just able to feed children but it is made sustainable by addressing two main drivers of malnutrition, the lack of education on proper nutrition and budget, through its Teach and Make It Last phases.

As Benjie Yap, Unilever’s Vice President for Foods & Homecare, says, “Knorr can use its scale and expertise as one of the world’s largest cooking brands to help unlock more flavour and goodness from every day food via nutritious cooking.”

Here in the Philippines, we know that Lutong Nanay is powerful, not just in building memorable bonds or in being an expression of love but is also powerful in fighting one of the most pressing issues globally and locally.

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