No More Bad Hair Days with SYOSS

Now that the rainy season is upon us, I'm already expecting the unexpected. Some days are bound to be hot and humid, while other days will be wet and clammy. In any case, the changing weather is bound to bring about bad hair days... and who hasn’t had one? Seriously.

On a sunny day, even if they are ready with a hat or an umbrella, women feel their hair turning brittle from the hot weather, making it difficult to tame with a brush or comb. When it suddenly rains and the air turns damp, their gorgeous mane could turn limp and lifeless from the sudden downpour.

There is no reason to fret when it comes to taming your hair this rainy season. That's because renowned Japanese hair care brand, Syoss, gives the pampering you need to tame unruly locks.

I love Syoss hair care products that have been specially co-developed and tested with Japanese hairdressers and stylists to provide women with professional hair care at a reasonable price. Designed to address specific hair problems, Syoss comes in three variants: SYOSS Repair Therapy, SYOSS Moisture Intensive Care, and SYOSS Anti-Dandruff Control.

It contains Pro-Cellium Keratin, a special formulation especially designed for Asian hair, which strengthens the fiber of damaged hair from within.

Syoss Repair Therapy is developed to repair hair that has been heavily damaged, stressed, colored or permed to restore its natural lustrous shine. The Moisture Intensive Care is formulated to moisturize dry, fizzy and brittle hair by leaving it smooth and healthy, while the Anti-Dandruff Control contains zinc pyrithione, an active ingredient that reduces dandruff from the first application.

No matter what the weather is, SYOSS got me covered! Go ahead and try it too! :)

Syoss is available in all leading supermarkets, department stores, drugstores and groceries nationwide.


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