San Miguel Pure Foods Home Foodie Premieres on August 10

Good news for foodies who love to cook and have a zest for discovering exciting new flavors at home! There's a new TV show that you wouldn't want to miss.
That TV show called Home Foodie, that is dedicated to teasing your taste buds and will definitely take you on a culinary adventure. San Miguel Pure Foods believes that aside from dining out, foodies should come home and harness their passion for food by cooking in their own kitchens and creating their own food experience.

Home Foodie is all about inspiring home cooks to reinvent favorite dishes from food discoveries using San Miguel  Pure Foods products. That's why Home Foodie dishes are "masarap, masustansya at kayang-kaya."

Healthy, yummy and easy recipes that even home foodie newbies can do it! It will surely set you off on a path of healthy and flavourful experiences in your very own kitchen. This show will not only appeal to women but also men. Why? Because Drew Arellano said so. I mean, seriously though, men loves to cook too and husbands also want to be active in the kitchen.

Drew Arellano is the perfect host for the show because he has wide mass appeal, non-alienating and a true blue foodie. He can inspire and encourage men to enjoy food by spending more time in the kitchen.

I watched the actual cooking demo at their studio and I can assure you can definitely learn new  twists, tips and techniques in food preparation with the Chefs and experts from the San Miguel Pure Foods Culinary Center led by Chefs Llena Tan-Arcenas, Rene Ruz, and RJ Garcia.

Kampto at Sigarilyas
Chicken adobo rice
Catch San Miguel Pure Foods Home Foodie beginning August 10, Mondays to Fridays, after Unang Hirit on GMA, and beginning August 15, every Saturday and Sunday within Balitanghali on GMA NEWS TV.

Happy cooking!


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