Pampers First Million: Six Things I'll Do when I Win 1 Million Pesos for my Daughter

Pampers helps babies achieve their firsts, even your baby’s first million! Yes, mommies, no joke! Pampers Baby Dry, the best and driest diaper in 10 years, makes baby’s firsts come true with a chance to win up to P1 million for baby’s first bank account.

Are you excited to plan for baby’s first birthday party? Or his first educational plan? Or his first deposit to secure his future? With Pampers Baby Dry, you don’t just give baby complete sleep with up to 12 hours of dryness but you also get a chance to win up to Php 1 million and make your baby’s firsts come true!

One million pesos. That's how much this contest is worth as I write this, and it's practically life changing.  This prompts the question, “what would you do if you win 1 million for your baby?” Have you thought about it? Well, I have. I couldn't help tossing a coin, or wonder how the thought of winning 1 million pesos might keep a thinking woman up all night. That's a mom (that's me!) who is currently facing the cutthroat world of parenting.

Here's a slice of what I'm going to do when I win 1 million pesos for Maia... ( Cue Bruno Mars' Billionaire song and an image of a rich mom's OOTD)

1. First thing I'll do is to keep calm and breathe. One million pesos is a mini heart attack waiting to happen so I might need a wee bit of help to catch my breath. Then, I'll save money on my daughter's bank account for her educational plan to make sure that she has a bright future ahead of her. Seriously, a good education is an essential investment. I won't send her to the most expensive school in the country though. Instead, I'll choose the best school that can teach her how to be happy, independent and smart, not on how to become rich. So when she grows up, she'll know the value of things, not the price.

I know others might say that with a huge sum of money, I don't need to work and probably stop working because I can afford to get more than 2 yayas to take care of my kid. But no, I 'll work harder to be a hands-on mom because no mom-and-daughter relationship will ever be untouched or changed by matters of money.  I will still be her yaya and take her to Taekwondo class, arts & crafts workshop and to many other extracurricular classes that she likes to go to. Also, a hardworking mom breeds a successful and balanced kid.

I love nothing more than the smell of my baby's sweet milk breath, even the smell that others would hate when changing her Pampers diaper, the sight of her cheeky smile and the quiet moments ( usually in the wee hours of those early AM) when it feels as if we're the only two people in the world. Yeah, I loved every minute of it. As lovely as that stage was with my daughter, I'm still amazed I made it out sane. My interest in adult, pre-marriage, or pre-baby social life is practically nil, yet I'm happy.

2. I'll donate money under my daughter's name to those children who wants to study and have better lives, or even to those kids with cancer. And that's just for starters, one million can go a long way if you spend it wisely. Being a millionaire is a way to be helpful, even indispensable. Not having to brag about it to other people or an act of extravagance, but having a sense of caring and compassion for others. Yes, just like a modern day superhero.

That being said, and if ever I happened to be a wonderwo-mom who has a million pesos (Beat that! Superhero na, millionaire pa,) I'll give it away and try to save the world. However, offstage the supernatural screen, I might seem smaller and slightly diminished somehow, like a mom spotted in line at a grocery store. But still, with an invisible cape, I'll try my best to be a superhero in the eyes of my daughter and those small kids who desperately need a superhero to look up to.

3. I will save and stash some money away for a rainy day. Because, sh*t happens. Seriously. And if ever it happens, I'm covered and so is my family.

4. I'll invest a part of it on a business that my daughter loves, like a spa and a salon in one. She's a certified kikay-ish like me and she loves being pampered. She even pretends to have her own spa named "Family First by Maia" and mom and dad are her favorite customers.

5. We will definitely save some money to travel the world and have some crazy fun. Maia said she'll take us to Paris and New York when she grows up. She said we'll create our own Teddy Bears and make lots of beary fun memories at the Build-A-Bear Workshop in New York! Swoon.

6. I'll make Maia's dreams a reality. With 1 million pesos, any mom can buy whatever she wants, but a real mom will definitely spend it mostly in fulfilling her kid's hopes and dreams. Which is exactly the kind of wonderful thing you would want your mom to do.

Actually, I never dreamed about being a millionaire because dealing with money, even thinking on how to spend it, is a lot of stress already. Instead, I dreamed about being a mom, which is definitely worth more than a million, so it's okay if I won't be a millionaire. I'm quite satisfied, happy and I feel blessed to have a complete family with a roof over our heads, the food on our table, the breath.. but still, ( yes, still) a girl can dream and it won't hurt to become rich, right? I've never been a millionaire, but I'm sure I'd be pretty good at it. And yes, I'm in it to win it that's why I'm joining Pampers First Million contest. How about you mommies, are you in it to win it?

The question, perhaps, is not whether you're in it to win it, but how you can inspire other people. Want to inspire other moms and become the Pampers First Million winner?

Here's what you should do;

Simply buy any Pampers Baby Dry Economy/Value pack/Low counts at participating stores nationwide and check to see if there’s a sticker indicating it is an entry in the promotion. There will be a WINNING TICKET for all the lucky moms out there and it could be a Gymboree GC worth P1,200 consolation prize, or the major prizes including P10,000 worth of bank savings, P50,000 worth of bank savings and a whopping Php 1 million.

Watch their newest TVC at


Winners can contact Manpower for Advertising Services Agency Inc. at (+632) 335-3518 for instructions on how to claim the prize. Don’t forget to bring the winning ticket, 2 valid IDs, and the official receipt for purchase of Pampers Baby Dry during the redemption.

For more details, visit the Pampers Facebook page (

Join now and please let me know what will you do if  you win P1 million for your baby.

Good luck, mommies!



  1. I love the pictures! Good job Shuttercount! Like you, my daugther's educational plan would be on the top of my list of how would I spend a million pesos. Actually, I could just copy your list, haha! because those were also the things that I want for my child. A spa and salon business was just what my kikay girl would love. Pwede talagang mangopya nalang haha!

  2. I love your list! Ang saya mag-isip ng mga bagay lalo na basta para sa anak mo:) gusto ko rin maibigay lahat sa son ko:D


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