Happy National Dog Day | #PetAngelxPurpleGroom Photo Shoot

It's the 26th of DOGust, and today, we celebrate and honor our beloved dogs for their unquestioning love and loyalty, as well as their ability to touch our lives in the most miraculous of ways.  What's not to love about a whole day dedicated to our furry friends!?

So, meet my frenchie, Humphry.

Humphry is such a blessing and I love him paw-ever. He was and continues to be great company when I'm home editing. He may be just a dog to some dog to some people but he's a part of our family and my best little bud.
Now's the best time to hug your dog, get a good grooming haul from Tangle Angel or have your pets groomed at Purple Groom. Put your paws together and celebrate with a warm bath and a treat for your dog. And even if it's not National Dog Day, groom regularly starting today and at least once a month until the end of the year to keep them clean, healthy, parasite free, extra cute and most importantly, cuddly!

As for me, I always take Humphry to Purple Groom at our condo. From grooming, to a good massage and pampering, you could spoil your pet with the best pooch pampering services at Purple Groom. Because, keeping your dog looking and feeling healthy is important, like super important. And sometimes, you need a pro to tame your furry friends' snags and tangles, yes? :)

 Humphry's current favorite head and neck massager. :)
You can also get the Pet Angel Fur Detangling Brush which is an innovative, unique grooming and detangling brush that’s suitable for most pets. Pet Angel has patented undulating bristles to firmly but gently brush wet or dry coats on cats, dogs and most other animals to deliver pain-free, effective grooming.

Pet Angel has anti-bacterial additives infused into its bristles to kill 99.9% of bacteria, making your Pet Angel ultra-hygienic and safe to use. It is the kind & effective way of grooming your pet to perfection!

Here are some of things I love about this product;
  • Antibacterial
  • Suitable for most types of pet, long or short haired fur
  • Grooming and detangling wet/dry & matted fur
  • Gentle, pain free grooming
  • Detangles and eases knots
  • Makes grooming your pet a pleasure-not a PAIN!
Seriously. Pet Angel is the perfect brush for your pet –heaven sent fur!

It's available in 2 colours: Bronze/Black & Pearl Pink/Dark Grey; available in selected Browhaus and Strip stores only together with Tangle Angel, My Amazing Blowdry Secret and other Cult Favorites products.

The photo shoot was exhausting but well worth it. So much fun! And thanks to the amazing photographer for his patience with us and our amateur "mowdeling" skills. Humphry had a blast and he was drooling over the ridiculously cute furbabies in the studio. Just sayin', he's still very single. :) He also loves being pampered with Pet Angel, the cutest and most essential painfree detangling brush for your pet. Also, it's Humphry's current favorite head and neck massager. :)

Thank you Pet Angel & Purple Groom for the beautiful photos, and to @InglotPH for my makeup!

For deets and updates, you can go to https://www.facebook.com/CultFavorites or follow them on @TangleAngelPh / @PurpleGroom / #PentAngelPh #PetAngelxPurpleGroom

Have a bow-wow day ahead!! :)


  1. I miss my dog. My Chloe died three years ago but I always remember her. I was devastated when she left us. It was so hard for me seeing her last breath, while trying to be revived and finally giving up. I cried out loud at the dog clinic without any care if others would hear me. I cried for two weeks after she was buried. Until now, seeing her photos still makes me sad. So to all the dog owners out there, show your dogs how much you love them and how thankful you are for their unconditional love and pamper them with the right hair tools and take them to good grooming salons.
    By the way Ms.Chelle, Humphry was so handsome and he looks very sweet.

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