Afamsterdam 101: Kano Luvs Pinay takes us to the world of AFAMs and Pinays

afam \ə-'fəm\ (noun) Slang: an abbreviation for A Foreigner Assigned in Manila or A Foreigner Around Manila, these are the usually Caucasian or Middle Eastern men who work or are visiting the country for a long period.

(noun) it’s a world most Filipinos see every day, interact with, and sometimes, if lady luck would have it, marry into one.

Breaking news: Isa na naman pong kababayan natin na gelay ang naka-bingwit ng hot na AFAM. At dahil dyan, bitter ocampo ang mga beki. #habanghair #afamsterdam

There's a new, fun and entertaining comedy series from TV5 that depicts the daily life and relationship of a Filipino-American couple. 

The often misunderstood world of Afamsterdam takes a humorous twist in Kano Luvs Pinay, the latest offering of TV5. Lead by premier comedienne Tuesday Vargas as Cookie and American actor Lee O’Brien as Matthew, the romantic comedy and situational comedy show mixes Filipino humor, kilig, and family values while taking a look at the intricacies of interracial and intercultural relationships between a Filipina and her American fiancé.

In a press conference and media preview of “Kano Loves Pinoy” last August 19 at the TV5 Studios in Mandaluyong, we met the whole cast including lead stars Tuesday Vargas, Lee O’Brian, Eula Caballero, Martin Escudero, Buboy Garovillo, Ces Quesada, Wilma Doesn’t and others.

“Kano Luvs Pinay” highlights the good qualities of Filipinos and the Philippines. It’s not as simple as a Filipina loving an American show. Cookie sired a child, Jon Jon, during her younger years, played by Chok Chok Venida. And there’s the can’t-live-with-Americans guy, played by Martin Escudero, who happens to be Cookie’s brother.

Also starring in Kano Luvs Pinay are veteran actors Boboy Garovillo and Ces Quesada as the overbearing parents of Cookie. Model turned actress Wilma Doesnt is Osang, the ever-afam-supportive best friend of Cookie, and theater actress Kiki Baento is Girlie, the other best friend who has a strictly no afams policy with regards her love life.

Watch the lives of Cookie and Lee unravel as they prove to the world that love conquers all and that it is the universal language that knows no grammar, pronunciation, and form. Discover the various spontaneous reactions of the Filipino family and community to the presence of Matthew in their lives. Or how Matthew tries to cope and understand the culture he has thrust himself into.

Watch the full trailer for the new show "Kano Luvs Pinay"

Find out if despite all the hurdles and conflict that their cultural differences may bring about, will love for Cookie and Matthew still win in the end? Will there be a happy ending? Will Cookie become an official Mrs. Afamsterdam?

Kano Luvs Pinay will air every Saturday evening starting September 05, 2015 on TV5.



  1. This new comedy series sure looks hilariously funny! I think Tuesday Vargas is a good comedienne and Wilma Doesnt is funny, too! A nice break from those stressful telenovelas.


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