On Beautiful Moments with my Dad and Life's Best Kept Longevity Secret

I know I've been slacking on my posts lately, but I saved the best for my favorite readers in the world. For you, lovelies, I saved my dad and his secret ingredient for youthful, ageless skin.

This month marks my dad's 68 years here on earth. Time flies so fast. He evolved so much as an individual, officially a senior citizen yet he never aged a minute. I think he had found the fountain of youth and should let me take a sip from it as well.

My dad is the only person who has held my hands, changed my diapers, fed me, taught me how to ride a bike, finished some of my school projects, and maybe secretly cried when I got married.  He's a dedicated father to his children – all four of us – and spends as much time as he can with his family.

At the age of 68, he is no stranger to arthritis, wrinkles, aches and pain. But he doesn’t let any kind of discomfort or pain get in the way of a quality time with his family. He doesn't smoke, and drinks alcohol occasionally.

He's the kind of dad who wants to stick around as long as possible to watch his kids grow up, be there for them when they need him, grow old and bounce his grandkids on his lap. He can even play basketball and go biking with us! I've come to realize that spontaneous, unscripted moments like these, give us life. Try to remember these moments, think back, throwback or whatever it is that you have to. As for me, I remember the time when my dad told me two good, usable pieces of parenting advice; To live in the moment and to collect moments, not things.

Bringing this life-affirming message to the fore is my collection of beautiful moments with my dad. Want to know why I look younger than my age? Because my father taught me to stop worrying how it's going to happen and start believing that it will. Because I grew up with him laughing at my silly and horrible jokes. He never hesitated to hug me or tell me that he loves me. When he was upset with me, he never hesitated to let me know, but when he was proud, he never hesitated to let the whole world know. And that made all the difference.

Of course, there will be good times and bad times in life. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and (hopefully) you'll see how to channel a not-so-good or stressful situation into one ‘beautiful moment’ to create something that makes you happy. It's true. Laughter is the best medicine and sharing funny stories will make you feel and look younger.

Want to hear the shortest horror story tho? Wrinkles.

In today's fast-paced society, we all have wrinkled skin and protruding veins somewhere on our body. As we age, collagen production slows down. Signs of aging such as enlarged pores, wrinkles, age spots, blemishes, dryness and sagginess all reflect the body’s inability to maintain healthy collagen production.

That's why everyone wants to have youthful looking skin. I, too, get swept away by the everyday hustle and bustle but I've learned to shift my energy and live in the present. Indeed, a lot of people seek out the fountain of youth. But what if I told you there's a powerful collagen drink from Japan that can give you a happier, more productive, and healthier lifespan? I'm sure you know that the Japanese have always been known for having good skin. They are not born with good skin but they've discovered the secret ingredient for youthful, ageless skin.

And that, my friend, is Premium HyC 150. The Fountain of Youth is actually a fountain of collagen drinks. (As far as I know. Take that, Cleopatra.) It is Japan's best kept longevity secret and probably the closest thing to the proverbial Fountain of Youth, the legendary source of rejuvenation.

Believe it or not, you can age gracefully with a little help from Premium HyC 150. Collagen drinks are said to be the secret for longevity and beauty of Japanese people, who are known for their smooth skin and youthful appearance. Collagen drinks are, in fact, very popular in China and South Korea.

Premium HyC 150, developed by FINE Japan Co. Ltd., is now available in the Philippines. Premium HyC 150 is unique because it is the only supplement drink that has the optimal combination of active anti-aging ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, collagen and ubiquinol.

Premium HyC 150 has other benefits that go beyond skin care and a rejuvenated, more youthful look.
To maximize the benefits of collagen, one important element, hyaluronic acid, has to be present. At least 50 percent of hyaluronic acid in our body can be found in our skin. Premium HyC 150 contains 150 mg of hyaluronic acid, the optimal dosage to replenish the body of this essential nutrient.

Hyaluronic acid acts as space filler by binding to water and keeps the skin wrinkle-free. It lubricates joints, ligaments and connective tissues. It also hydrates surrounding tissue and keeps the collagen nourished and healthy.

Here are some of the health benefits of Premium HyC150;
  • A natural antioxidant which provides physical and mental energy the rest of the day
  • Gives a rejuvenated, more youthful looking skin
  • Makes joints stronger and flexible
  • Nourishes the scalp, healthy lustrous hair
  • Well-hydrated and plump lips and healthy gums
  • Hydrates the eyes for clearer vision
  • Improves muscular strength
  • Heightens mental alertness
Sip on this drink daily, and your body will thank you. The end result of all these is a happier, more productive, and healthier lifespan, just by drinking Premium HyC150 once a day. Mix one sachet daily with your favorite beverage hot or cold and let it work from within. See its effects on you in one to two weeks by starting to look young, feel young, and move young.

I care so much about my dad and my hubby that's why I give them Premium HyC150.  If you care about the men in your life, tell them it's not only "OK" to take care of themselves and protect themselves from diseases, but that having a long, healthy life is necessary.

Life will suddenly acquire a whole new meaning, as you rediscover your new youth – from within. Premium HyC 150, exclusively distributed in the Philippines by BrightRAY Enterprises, is now available at Watsons stores. For information, visit www.HyC150.com.”

Ok. Your turn. Tell me more about your beautiful moment and what makes you look and feel young. Comment away! It's (wrinkle) free! :)


  1. Naiingit ako sa mga may tatay,Lalo pag Fathers Day nakakalungkot but wala akong tatay yes lumaki akong lola ko lang. =( Anyway,Napaka swerte mo po,Ms.Chelle,Love your Dad and take care of him lalo.GodBless po.

  2. Though my dad was not by my side anymore there's a special moment that I will always treasure moment when my father carries me on his back, I remembered that he always do that when he was strong and alive, he would always carry me when I was a kid and when I was 11 he got sick and he said that he want to carry me again. I was so excited that day and I leap on his back, I can feel he had lost so much weight, I can feel his bones not muscles, his back was not that wide anymore, he struggled but managed to carry me on his back for a minute, I hugged him from that position, that was my most treasured gift and memory of my dad, for it was the last time he had carried me on his back, I miss him so much.

    Being happy always makes me feel and look young.

  3. one of the most beautiful moments with my dad that makes me feel young is during the times when i pretend to be asleep he carries me and tucks me to my cozy bed.kahit nga ngayon matanda na ako kapag lasing na lasing na ako during our family reunions tsaka d na makatayo pinagtutulungon parin ako nina nanay at tatay buhatin pabalik sa higaan lol. parang malaking bata lang hahaha ; it just proves na kahit tumanda na ako love na love parin ako nina tatay . Thinking of all those memories makes me feel eternally loved young at heart! :)

  4. What make me feel and look young? I always start my day with a good mood and kahit lagi akong nasa bahay nag aayos ako ng sarili ko at lagi kong iniisip ang lahat ng bagay in a positive ways.

  5. I would like to finish reading this post but it's hard for me because I am getting emotional. My father was hospitalized and the doctor said that my father needs to undergo more tests so he could rule out the reason for my father's condition. Hopefully he will be better by morning when I visit him. I'll get back to this and finish reading the entire post when things get better.


Any comments, my dear?