My Best Red Ribbon Cake for the Best Dad Ever

On special occasions, I often buy "happiness" and by happiness, I mean cake. When there are family celebrations even during red letter days, I always put a cake on the table because it's definitely the best and sweetest way to celebrate any occasion. We make it a point to gather the whole fam bam and celebrate with a cake that is shared and served with love.

Red Ribbon is the first thing that comes to my mind whenever I think of yummy cakes. My ultimate favorite is the Black Forest because I feel like I'm the happiest and I'm always on sugar high whenever I eat it. I also love Red Ribbon's Ube and Chocolate Mousse cakes because they're super yum but not too sweet.

If my favorite Red Ribbon Black Forest cake was a person, it would be my most favorite guy on earth, Maia's dad! That one came out to be one of his favorites too.

The best thing about Red Ribbon cake is that it reminds me of happy memories with my family. Just like Father's Day, a special moment when our family shared a ‘Red Ribbon moment’ together and it was daddy's turn to get spoiled. Besides gadgets and cuff links, Red Ribbon cake is one of the coolest gift ideas I can surprise him with.

He's a SuperDad, indeed. I'm extremely blessed because I have one good man in my life who always puts his family above his own selfish wants & needs, makes sacrifices, shares the remote, always fun & cool to be around, and functional even when he's sick. Also worthy to note, the pecs. Lol It surely adds to his pogi points.

Maia's Dad. From whom she inherited much wackiness!
He's not perfect but as a dad, he never disappoints. Without him, Maia wouldn't be here and that would suck big time. He does the best job ever .. a full-time daddy, multitasking photographer, videographer and owner of Shuttercount.

NO pay with great benefits & unlimited rewards (unli hugs and kisses) and I'm mighty proud of him. To be honest, this world needs more full-time dads and less part-time or unemployed ones.

This Red Ribbon cake is what her daddy really dreams of. Also, it is as good as saying we're proud of him.

Needless to say, nothing seems to reinforce the social bonds better than occasions made memorable by the company of family and close friends. There will be good times and bad times in life. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and (hopefully) you'll see how to channel your ideas into one ‘Red Ribbon moment’ to create something that makes you happy. That moment that'll make you go Awwwww! :)

So many people ask me if I've seen someone else's cakes, or tried so-and-so's cakes. But I don't compare, I trust the taste and goodness of my favorite Red Ribbon cake. I love how it turns celebrations into memorable family moments. Maybe there are better ways to celebrate, but that's what makes my Red Ribbon cake unique and special to everyone else's.

So keep calm, call 8-7777 and eat more cake, because it's (always) somebody's birthday somewhere. :)


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  1. Who wouldn't like Red Ribbon cakes? Their Black Forest cake was my favorite, too! I remember when my husband was still my bf, the first time he came to our house for my birthday, he brought a Red Ribbon Black Forest cake. And he gained positive impression from my family, hehe! By the way Maam, you have a beautiful family!


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