Snack Attack with the Simumot-worthy Chik’n Skin ni Mang Juan Suka

One of the best things in life is.. fried chicken skin and the sour and spicy punch of vinegar. Now, it comes in a bag of chips called Chik’n Skin ni Mang Juan Suka. It's our family's favorite simumot-worthy snack and this delectable treat perfectly combines the flavor of our favorite meryenda.

My daughter is crazy about it and you can pretty much say that our family is obsessed with these little bag of chips! Maia said it's like her crazy addiction to My Little Pony toys... it's hard to have just one! :)

Packed with sarap ng Pinoy, I bet these tasty and crunchy uniquely Filipino bites are timeless and will never grow old in every food-loving Juan’s palate.

Those who crave for their good old favorites can enjoy Jack ‘n Jill’s latest offering, Chik’n Skin ni Mang Juan with Suka flavor. Because anything this delightful should be enjoyed down to the last crumb, Mang Juan came up with a word that perfectly describes how to consume a pack of Chik’n Skin ni Mang Juan Suka—“simumot”—completely consuming this pack ‘hanggangsahulingmumo’.

Savor the goodness of chicken skin dipped in vinegar with the new Jack ‘n Jill Chick’n Skin ni Mang Juan.

Now, snack lovers don’t have to visit restaurants or food kiosks to enjoy the goodness of chicken skin and suka. The favorite snack infused with vinegar is made available in groceries and supermarkets nationwide.

Thank you JacknJill for sending me a box of awesomeness! So, whenever the true Pinoy in you starts craving for that irresistible crunchy, sour and spicy taste of chicken skin, be sure to grab a pack of simumot-worthy Chik’n Skin ni Mang Juan Suka.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to munch on some Chik’n Skin ni Mang Juan Suka.:)



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