Midea One Touch Washing Machine: Work-life Balance Essential for Homemakers

“I wish I have more time.”

Hearing this phrase from homemakers is not uncommon. As managers of households become more and more involved and active in other activities, juggling work and chores become an even bigger challenge for these dynamic individuals.

“Industry reports show that the rising employment rate increased the need of homemakers to ease their household burdens,” explains Mr. Joeben Gamatero, Concepcion Midea’s Marketing Director.

“The good news is that higher employment also increases their purchasing power so they now have the means to buy quality home appliances to help them.”

One of the most time-consuming activities in the household is doing the laundry.  There are still homemakers that choose to hand wash their clothes while a good majority find the wash, rinse, and dry cycle exhausting.

“This is where quality home appliances enter the scene. By choosing the right home appliances, everyone can lighten the demands of their household chores,” says Mr. Gamatero.

 What if you could finish your laundry with just a touch of a button?

Global brand Midea has made this possible by stepping up with its Fully Automatic One Touch Washing Machine. Equipped with a One Touch feature, this washing machine can wash, rinse, and dry with just a push of a button.

This function does not only lessen the time and effort usually involved in washing clothes, it also minimizes the common confusion of homemakers with the many buttons and dials of washing machines.

Mr. Gamatero suggests, “Homeowners should always look for user-friendly, efficient appliances. Half of their work is already done once they do.”

“The term efficiency is multidimensional when it comes to appliances. Other than being easy to use, home partners should also be friendly to the pocket and equipped with good features,” continues Mr. Gamatero.

Another feature of the Midea One Touch Washing Machine is the Quick Wash function that lessens washing time by as much as 50% versus other washing machines. With this feature, washing a full load takes as fast as 19 minutes so homemakers can have more free time on their hands.

Additionally, this washing machine comes with two other features that both save on electricity and water usage. The Piso Wash does a complete wash and dry cycle all for 1php of electricity cost per load while Smart Sensors automatically set the right time and amount of water based on the laundry load. The latter helps save water by as much as 37%.

Time is a very valuable resource for homemakers. Though they are leading very active lifestyles now, they are still expected to be hands-on in managing their homes. While their packed schedules may limit their capacity to keep up with this responsibility, one way they can do to remain on top of things is to choose the right appliances.

Mr. Joeben Gamatero concludes, “Homemakers deserve a good work-life balance. By having the right home partners, they can continue doing their many roles effectively while still having ample time to enjoy other things they love.”

Indeed, Midea One Touch Washing Machine is a work-life balance essential for homemakers and more importantly, it lessens the period they spend on this chore and gives them more time to do other things.



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