Maia's Little Corner + Great Finds from True Home

Secret unlocked. I've designed a small yet fun, fresh and functional study area for my daughter. Now, she's getting more and more excited to study and do her homework. It's a personal space she'll want to study in, that is conducive to learning. A place separate from anywhere else that is just dedicated to studying and doing her homework.

I was inspired to do this small "project" when I attended the grand launch of True Home, True Value's home interior store that recently opened at the third level of Greenbelt 5. Read more about the launch here.

It's the newest haven for home interior essentials where you can find a curated assortment of high quality, on-trend interiors at reasonable prices. You'll be amazed in a seemingly endless array of home decors of suitably high and consistent quality that will enhance every nook of every home.

With a nice homework station that is sure to inspire little learners, it will also encourage diligence and good study habits. I mean, is there a kid who would like to pull out a stiff wooden chair, sit at an equally stiff desk and hurt his/her neck over an hour or two hours worth of study? I don't think so. Having their own comfy space is a must and it won't take up that much space! Despite the overused cliche, learning can be fun, and creating a study area (that is 20% cooler according to my daughter) is one of the fun ways to inspire learning.

Thanks to True Home by True Value. I just finished my "project" and my daughter loved it to bits. :) Also, I can attest to the value of  top quality interior designs and decorations from True Home.

Today, I want to share with you some of the great finds I picked up at True Home that pretty much make Maia's study area but beyond that, we are quite blessed to have a place where we could sit down and spend some time together.

I cannot give you a study room tour though because it is not a room, (although, I've been tempted to take over the other room) it's just a small corner where I used to put some shelves and boxes, which is now non-existent.

Come take a peek at Maia's little corner..

She loves animals and because her subjects includes Zoology and Botany, I put some wall stickers of animals and plants with pops of bright colors. Bright pink, blue and zingy green make a cool clash of colors when freshened up with plenty of white. 

From within her own walls, she can experience the beauty of her own animal kingdom or at least, she can look at the flowers while tackling the ins and outs of photosynthesis. I took away all her Rainbow Dash toys and other distractions though, because she may find the iPad, TV, or a toy more interesting than the reading material she's trying to digest. By doing this, you can instill in your child that there is more to life than just iPad and toys.

The one who can’t sit still? Yes, that's definitely my daughter, so I got her an accent chair that she can twirl around. Something about the way this chair just rocks, plus I like the idea of reinventing this sheepskin rug. So, I draped it on the chair for that soft and comfy feel. I love the bright colors on the wall contrasted with the black accent chair and white rug. A color combo that is not only functional, but also easy on the eyes.

The study desk is simple yet clean, wide and long, where she can study, draw and do crafts. The desk lamp is a little bright to keep her alert rather than lulled in deep sleep.

I also got these easy-access storage containers from True Home. It's perfect for hitting the books and filing away her homework. Tip: Don't make things harder than they need to be! Open bins and organizers make it very simple to stay organized and grab what you need quickly and efficiently. That being said, save the boxes with lids for storage at the basement or storage room where keeping dust out is more important than accessibility. I know how filing and organizing books could sound a bit boring for some though.

Allow me, instead, to show you the music box, simply because it makes Maia happy. Before and after our study time or whenever she gets a correct answer, she likes to hear the music while watching the little, pinky fairy twirls.

Also, something just made me realize that the music box I'd admired and bought from True Home looks exactly the same thing that I'd admired at my friend's house for a long time. Nostalgic, really.

I have a pretty firm wish that my daughter would be a reader, not just to read the words written in her books but also the words of God. So I got this beautiful angel figurine made of glass, where I can put scented candle behind it.

 It's such an inspiration, not only for Maia, but for each member of our family, to become a better person each day. I told her that God, as well as her guardian angel, is always watching over her. For sure, her dad and I will be with her for as long as we can hold out. But beyond our feet of clay, is the love of God, who will constantly care and will never leave her.

I found all sorts of knick-knacks at True Home, from wall decals, Yankee candles, vases, Umbra frames, clocks and other home decors that can help give character to just about every corner of the house. The blue votive candle from Heart & Home Simply Spa is my favorite, the scent is light and refreshing. The uplifting and rejuvenating fragrance will definitely soothe your senses.

I also have small whiteboard on her table. I always ask her to write what lesson she loves ( or hates) most, and I never let her get away with one-word answers. Then, I just listen and let her talk about her day in school. We just have a good chat and sometimes we make funny jokes (or what Maia calls cray-cray stuff ) just to keep things light, and then I try to figure out what she needs to improve on to ensure there's a report card that will make her Dad smile. :)

Today, I found the whiteboard with these simple words, "Thank you, Mom and Dad. I love you.." and I know I will have to remember this day as my daughter grows older...

Turn visions of your dream home into reality with classic and contemporary pieces from True Home. Visit the nearest True Home and see how you can spice up your home. True Home is open at the 3rd level of Greenbelt 5 and 3rd level of Robinsons Magnolia.

Have you set up a study area for your kids? Tell me about it. No really, in the comments..  :)



Any comments, my dear?