Join the 3rd Singapore Math Learning Festival and Prepare your Kids for the Future

How time flies! My daughter is now in Grade 2 at O.B. Montessori Greenhills and today, she got a load of homework to do in Geometry, Mathematics, Botany and Zoology. I was just checking her homework in Mathematics and I must say that she's pretty good at it. However, I can't shake the feeling that there will come a time when I'll feel frustrated that I can't help with her Mathematics homework because I am clueless on what to do as I can't solve the Math problem myself.

Like most parents, I tend to tell my daughter that “I'm bad at Math”or I'm just not a Math person, as I remember my own experience as a kid. That moment when I was trying to solve some mind-bending math problems and I was left almost crying and tearing my hair out. I loved studying except for my dreaded subject, Math. I used to think MATH means Mental Abuse To Humans and that's why I hated Math in general. I guess life would be so much easier if I had learned how to love Math. That being said, I wouldn't like it if my daughter would also hate Math as much as I did when I was a kid.

However, making kids love math is a challenge to most parents, and letting them know how much we hate it won't help our kids get off to a good start. Simply put, it won't help them love Math if we keep on saying how much we hate it. The bottom line; it's all about changing the Filipino mindset. It's really the attitude and the way it's taught.

This is just one of the few things I've learned at the Singapore Math Bloggers event at the Galileo Center in Makati last Saturday. It was a very educational event where invited bloggers had an orientation of what Galileo Enrichment is all about and how Singapore Math can help our kids learn Math concepts easily.

Indeed, there's more to Singapore Math than you think!

We also met the Chief Executive Officer of Galileo Enrichment Learning Program, Ms. Rowena Matti. She gave a short yet very engaging talk about the upcoming event, 3rd Singapore Math Learning Festival, which will be held on July 4, 2015, 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM at the AIM Conference Center, Benavidez corner Trasierra Streets, in Makati City.

Photo credit: A groufie from Ms. Rowie Juan Matti 
After staging two successful Singapore Math Learning Festivals in 2011 and 2013, Ms. Matti believes that now is the perfect time to prepare our students for the 21st century and Singapore Math helps foster those essential skills in creating better students and future leaders.

One of Galileo’s 10th Anniversary event highlights will be this year’s 3rd Singapore Math Learning Festival (SMLF), with the theme "Preparing for the Future: Creativity and Innovation Through Singapore Math". This year’s conference will be a venue to further educate parents, teachers including home schooling teachers, educators and school administrators with creative and innovative teaching strategies in using Singapore Math for creativity and innovation.

This conference aims to provide learning enrichment through the following objectives:

● To discover the future of education and discover how schools and homes can be prepared for it
● To learn how Singapore Math fosters critical thinking, innovation, and creativity
● To innovate teaching and instruction for a more productive and interactive classroom and home
● To transform traditional methods of teaching and learning math in the classroom through Singapore Math
● To increase knowledge on the current trends in math education and how technology can be an aid to innovative math instruction
● To educate for the future generations of Filipino mathematicians and leaders

Featured Plenary Speakers include Dr. Queena Lee- Chua, one of the leading minds in innovative Mathematics education in the Philippines and Ms. Ann Marie Wongchuking-Pato, Education Curriculum and Design expert from the National Institute of Education (NIE) in Singapore.

For those who are not yet familiar, Galileo is an after-school enrichment program for students ages 3 to 12. This is a program that respects the different learning pace and style of each child, taking into account the need for an encouraging and positive learning environment.

The event was a fun learning experience for both parents and kids, wherein we were able to solve Singapore Math exercises while doing some fun and interactive activities led by Operations Head, Ms. Beth Lamis.

I love how Singapore Math utilizes problem solving and real world examples rather than drills, and it's amazing how Galileo Enrichment Learning Program can make kids' learning awesome, more fun and enjoyable with. It will definitely help the kids to get motivated, be more confident & eager to study as they experience, enjoy and learn Singapore Math.

Why Galileo?
  • Optimum teacher-student ratio, the child will receive focused attention.
  • Has a child-friendly learning environment
  • Teachers are college graduates and well-trained.
  • Taps on different learning styles; provides a personalized teaching style to ensure building of good foundation and mastery.
So, don't forget to join Galileo's 3rd Singapore Math Learning Festival on July 4, 2015! Register now and avail of the Early Bird Rate! You can also get FREE tickets to the 3rd Singapore Math Learning Festival! Just follow Galileo Enrichment on Twitter @galileoenrich and like their Facebook page.

I'm glad to be a Galileo co-advocate! Hope you can also support Galileo's advocacy of developing Filipino kids to be independent, lifelong learners. Let's help secure the future of Filipino kids especially in Education!

For more information, visit or check them on Facebook & Instagram: galileoenrichment. You may also call them at  (02) 845-1234.



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