Nido Fortigrow Fortified Powdered Milk Drink's Mother's Day Video Will Move You to Tears

A mom's job is a selfless one, and sometimes it takes walking in someone's shoes to appreciate what they do. On Mother's day, we celebrate moms around the world and on this day, I always remember my mom and my Lola who has already passed away. Because of them, I've learned that being a mom is the single most difficult "job" there is, but also the most beautifully rewarding. So here's a simple message to my Mama and Lola;

"For who I am today, thank you."

God gave me the best Mother's day gift that money can't buy, my daughter. I hope my Mama and Lola know how much I appreciate them and above all, I hope I make them very proud by being the best mom I can be to my daughter.

Though Mother’s Day has passed, I believe that the whole month of May should be dedicated to all the moms like me. This month gives the opportunity to pay tribute to all the mothers for their timeless and nurturing love.

This year, NIDO FORTIGROW® Fortified Powdered Milk Drink celebrates moms through a special video tribute entitled “Different Times, Same Love”

Have you watched the video? And if you did happen to watch it, I can vouch for the fact that for at least a few seconds, it left you teary-eyed. Check it out. PS: Keep your tissues handy.

Times may change, but a mother’s love is timeless. This story shows why our moms will always be #1. It's a surprisingly touching video and I could watch this all day. Kudos to Nido Fortified Philippines for coming up with such brilliant ads lately. Yes, I say ads because their recent commercials were also quite amazing and very inspiring.

The video is also, of course, a subtle reminder that it’s time to thank your mom.

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Happy Mother's Day!


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