Free Earrings from Miladay with Citi Credit Cards

Fancy a fine pair of earrings from one of the country’s leading jewelers? With Citi credit cards, you can get one for free from Miladay when you spend at least P50,000 at the store and avail of 0% PayLite of up to 6 months.

Miladay Fine Jewels is one of the most successful jewelry establishments since its founding in 1966. From diamond earrings to golden rings, Miladay crafts timeless pieces of jewelry with elegance and style.

On top of the elegant gift from Miladay Fine Jewels, Citi cardholders can enjoy free Vikings Weekday Buffet valid for lunch and dinner with their qualifying purchase.

Plus, enjoy an exclusive 10% discount for companions when you charge your bill to your Citi Credit Card.  In one swipe, you get up to four exclusive benefits: 0% interest on as long as two years installment term, a pair of earrings from Miladay plus a sumptuous buffet.

Have a fab day, lovelies!



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