Star-Studded Premiere of Fifty Shades of Grey by Versace Jeans and Cole Haan

The stars came out on Wednesday night to watch the premiere of the most-talked about movie, Fifty Shades of Grey. Glad I got my fix of erotic slash romantic melodrama film when my favorite luxury brands, Versace Jeans and Cole Haan, invited me to the star-studded premiere at the Powerplant Mall. 

(L-R) Divine Lee, Troy Montero, Aubrey Miles, Tim Yap, Rufamae Quinto
No words to explain how excited 99% of girls are about the movie. In all honesty, I went to watch this movie just to see if it lives up to the hype and I was eager to see just how truly exciting ( and how adventurous) the R-rated film stayed to the story of the best-selling S&M novel/book by E.L. James.

And well, if you ask me, it was positively "ok" for a sensational film that mixes erotic bondage and romance, heartaches and handcuffs, with a twist and fresh spin on sex and relationship. That's BDSM, baby! It reminded me of the popular quote, "No pain, no gain".  There were scenes after scenes of muted naughtiness and blurred genitals but not that much hardcore perversion ( my hubby was utterly bored 90% of the time) or more like soft-core porn with R rating. But there's a good chance we might be seeing more depth of everything else in Part 2 or 3, don't cha think?

Here are some of the celebs spotted at the premiere night;

Nicole Andersson, JM Rodriguez

Hosted by Rico Robles, Divine Lee
James Younghusband, Maxene Magalona
Fifty Shades of Grey sent worldwide fans and moviegoers to frenzy and became a pop culture phenomenon. It has inspired many brands and campaigns and extended its influence in the fashion industry.

In the Philippines, it includes Versace Jeans and Cole Haan, two major fashion brands that joined forces and provided a sneak preview of the viewing public.

Versace Jeans is one of the world's iconic fashion brand that launched its Fall-Winter Collection  featuring two of the strongest cultural and artistic movements in the 20th century; Psychedelia and Pop. It highlights a collection that promotes self confidence and freedom of style.

Meanwhile, the iconic American footwear and accessories brand, Cole Haan, recently launched its latest collection which includes classic pieces in neutral tones. This collection makes a nice addition to any woman's ensemble.

Have you watched this movie already? So, hot ot not? Let me know what you think in the comments below.



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