Going Metallic with Shu Uemura's Metal:ink Collection for Spring/Summer 2015

I attended the product launch of the world-renowned Japanese makeup brand shu uemura's latest metallic makeup line last Tuesday that was held at the East wing of Shangri-la Plaza. It was a stunning metallic color make-up collection inspired by the climax of fireworks that complete Tokyo nights. The shuMasters and their models also showed us how to rock a metallic makeup, you know, without looking like the Tin Man. :)

Staging a show-stopping collaboration  with  the  country’s  hottest  fashion  designers, the brand unveiled Metal:ink, shu uemura's star product for 2015 spring summer metallic bouquet collection.

Metal:ink by shu uemura is a collection of ten vibrant metallic shades of long-lasting liquid eyeliners that are inspired by Hanabi, a Japanese festival where fireworks bloom, creating metallic bouquets that vividly decorate the Tokyo night sky.
shu uemura’s latest line is a dramatic marriage of metals and blooming flowers that creates a glaringly colorful and lustrous look for the eyes. Available in black, brown, navy, purple,red, blue, pink, green, silver and gold, the Metal:ink collection allows both makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts to discover an entirely new metallic look that are feminine, playful and versatile.

A pioneering product in the realm of makeup, Metal:ink promises 24-hour lasting, easy, and intense color that stands up to tears, blinks, and sweat to last from morning to evening. It also  boasts  of  a  flexible  brush  tip  for  easier  and  faster  application  with  precision  &controllability.

L'Oreal Philippines General Manager Clarisa Villaflor, Shu Uemura Business Unit Manager Gutzee Segura, Shu Uemura Product Manager Dyan Warren, Shu Uemura Retail and Education Manager Nadia Bautista, and Brand Communications Manager Mae Dichupa

At the launch, Metal:ink took center stage as the Philippines’ hottest fashion designers Eric delos  Santos,  Milka  Quin,  and  Sassa  Jimenez  showcased  their  designs  that  matched Metal:ink inspired looks created by shu uemura’s esteemed roster of shuMASTERS.

shuMASTERS take the stage with designs by top local fashion designers 
Included in this roster of artists are Angie Cruz, EJ Malorca, Riza de Guzman, Cats del Rosario, ClaireDiokno, Hanna Pechon, John Pagaduan, Omar Ermita, and Patrick Alcober.

shu uemura Group Product Manager Dyan Warren, Sassa Jimenez, shu uemura Brand Communications Manager Mae Dichupa, Myrza Sison, and Sarah Meie
The launch event also saw the launch of shu uemura Philippines’ lookbook for 2015, a guide to the wide variety of looks that the metallic bouquet collection can achieve as translated by the shuMASTERS.  “It is truly exciting to see the Metal:ink line launched along with pieces from these three brilliant designers,” shares Gutzee Carmona-Segura, Business Unit Manager for shu uemura.

“The collaboration of two pioneering forces in the realm of beauty really shows that there isso much we can look forward to from both shu uemura and the Philippines’ fashion scene.”According to L’Oreal Philippines Luxe Division General Manager Clarissa Villaflor, the launch of Metal:ink also marks a significant step for the brand. “After shu uemura relaunched locally last  October,  when  the  Tokyo-edge  culture  hit  Philippine  shores,  this  is  the  first  new collection to come in that really embodies that new look that shu uemura is  after,” sheshares. “Besides that, the product is perfect in demonstrating a strong suit that shu uemura has—expertise in eye makeup.”

Also part of shu uemura’s Spring/Summer 2015 metallic bouquet collection is the Metallic Trio  Eyeshadow  Palette,  which  comes  in  variations  of  beautiful  metallic  hues  in  multi-pressed pans. These trios are combined to provide various expressions of floral vibrance,providing shades for all three essential eye makeup components—the base, highlight, and accent areas.shu uemura also released five new limited edition shades of their signature Rouge Unlimited lipsticks to match the metallic bouquet collection. Spring/Summer 2015 brings in purple-red,rose,  bright  carrot,  orange,  and  pale  salmon  pink  to  complete  and  dramatize  the  new metallic  look.

What I love about the Metal:ink collection:

  • Long lasting, usually lasts up to 24 hours
  • Waterproof
  • Can withstand oily/sweaty skin
  • Fun, vibrant colors

shu uemura also released five new limited edition shades of their signature Rouge Unlimited lipsticks to match the metallic bouquet collection. Spring/Summer 2015 brings in purple-red,rose,  bright carrot,  orange,  and  pale  salmon  pink  to  complete  and  dramatize  the  new metallic  look.  These lipsticks  provide  pure  color,  supreme  moisture,  and  unparalleled comfort.

Metal:ink  by  shu  uemura  is  now  available  at  all  shu  uemura  branches  and  boutiques nationwide. Drop by a shu uemura near you at the brand’s flagship store at Powerplant Mall,Rockwell,  or at Trinoma, Alabang Town Center,  Shangri-La Mall,  SM Makati,  and Rustans Makati.



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