Try Out the Latest Jack ‘n Jill Dewberry with the New Peaches ‘n Mango Cream

Hey loves! Have you tried the latest Jack ‘n Jill Dewberry with the new Peaches ‘n Mango Cream? Jack ‘n Jill Dewberry is introducing a new variant that is sure to delight the taste buds ofdessert and cookie lovers all over, with the latest Peaches ‘n Mango Cream.

Whether at home, in school, at work or on the road, Jack ‘n Jill Dewberry is a spot-on snack that can satisfy one’s sweet craving.

This latest offering is a sweet and creamy treat as it puts the distinct tangy taste of Peaches and Mangoes together, along with velvety rich mango cream filling pressed between two yummy cookie

It has the right blend of fruit jelly and cream -a delectable contrast of flavors that can be enjoyed by everyone. Dewberry Peaches and Mango cream is sealed for freshness in packs, so one can take a bite of this treat any time of the day.Dewberry cookies also come in fruity variants Blueberries ‘n Cream and Strawberries ‘n Cream. Each variant comes in packs of threes and is available in supermarkets and groceries nationwide.

Get a taste of the excitingly new and tasty Dewberry Peaches ‘n Mango Cream for a sweet cookie treat any time of the day.



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