Taiwan Excellence Meets the High Expectations of Mothers

Remember what the doctor said, “Mothers know best”. Over the years, I have come to realize that it couldn’t be truer. Even when it comes to choosing the best products, mothers never fail in knowing the best things to buy for her family. So each time your mom tells you that she wants the best for you, she’s talking about Taiwan Excellence.

Taiwan Excellence has given Filipinos the opportunity to discover a range of Taiwanese products with the seal of quality.

The campaign brings in 56 top quality brands to the Philippine market, bringing in 175 products which fall under different industries such as information and communications technologies (ICT), home and living, and sports & leisure.

With the help of Taiwan Excellence, a mother can own and utilize the best products, like the household materials to keep the house clean, and the laptops keeps her on top of all work-related requirements. This allows her to prioritize her tasks, giving her the opportunity to focus on the important things at home.

The different cookware can help make Moms create healthy food for the family. To date, the campaign carries 56 different brands for home and living, sports, transportation, and personal care. For the home, there are water ionizers, home appliances, cookware, bathroom and sanitary ware products from brand like HCG, Tatung, TECO and Cashido. For electronic needs, there are laptops, USBs, routers from Acer, ASUS, Transcend, MSI. To keep the family healthy, the campaign carries brands that offer foldable bikes, fitness gear and health care products such as Strida, Microlife, and Thermedic.

Indeed, the Taiwan Excellence product is a guarantee of quality that can meet the high expectations and requirements of mothers who are the world’s most demanding consumers.

To learn more about Taiwan Excellence Visit the website  www.taiwanexcellence.ph


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  1. Yes, it's true. I'm an Asus user, and indeed it is of good quality.


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